Color to Steal: Best Bold Yellow Paint Colors

People these days are complaining about the state of the world and more and more worry about the future.  While interiors can’t solve world problems they can alter the mood in your home.

No other color represents happiness, optimism and inspiration like a strong yellow hue. Although some studies say that babies cry louder in a yellow room and that people can lose their temper easier, our vote is still go for it.  Everyone from Thomas Jefferson to European design maven Nancy Lancaster understood the power of yellow.

Nancy Lancaster’s famous yellow drawing room in her English country house. Perhaps one of the most copied rooms.  Pretty hard to be depressed in here.

This is my old foyer as seen in Washington Life magazine and the Fearless Interiors coffee table book. I painted it Goldfield Yellow by Benjamin Moore during a time we needed to be uplifted upon entering. It really did the trick – everyone who visited felt happy as soon as they entered.


Sun Valley – Benjamin Moore 350 // Monticello Yellow -Ralph Lauren 236 // Egg Yolk – Benjamin Moore 2023// Gold field-Benjamin Moore 292

A room inspired by Nancy Lancaster?

Interior design: Danielle Rollins

Foyer in a bachelor pad painted in one of my favorite go to yellows Citron by Benjamin Moore.

A striking living room designed by  Miles Redd  painted in Egg Yolk by Benjamin Moore. Pretty hard not to feel inspired in here?

In case you still feel hesitant about yellow walls, here are a few pretty ways to add some inspiration to your space.

  1. Cinderbane Sofa
  2. Yellow and Ivory Shelby Placemat
  3. Marni Striped Weave Canary pillow
  4. Chartreuse Exeter Side chair
  5. Citron Mark rug
  6. Beatour table Lamp set

Rita Konig’s farmhouse as seen in last weeks blog.

The famous Yellow room at Monticello Thomas Jefferson’s historical home/museum. Now a color by Ralph Lauren called Monticello.

Perhaps  he understood the need for a positive and inspiring outlook?


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3 thoughts on “Color to Steal: Best Bold Yellow Paint Colors

  1. Wow! I’ve been toying with painting my foyer and halls with Benjamin Moore Yellow Rain Coat but got cold feet. So I thought I’d go with the safe choice of Hawthorne Yellow, now I’m changing my mind again. Yellow Rain Coat, Sun Valley, Goldfield (my kitchen-family room is already painted Ben Moore Goldfinch)

  2. It seems the number of characters cut out without notice…good to know. At any rate, it seems I like strong color.

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