Progress Pictures from the Cabin Makeover

Happy 2020!

I was able to do some work on the Idaho cabin over the holidays.

Paint, paint, paint seem to be the biggest game changer.

From painting vintage finds, to saying good bye to excessive wood paneling, color is definitely fun and refreshing for the New Year.

Here are a few progress snap shots….

The entry..

In the tiny entry we removed some ugly built in cabinetry.

We found a vintage dresser and are in the process of painting it red.

The wood accents will stay in the mahogany color.

We we’re given a vintage gold frame by a friend in LA, which is in the process of getting a mirror.

This beauty will go above the dresser.

One paneled wall in the entry hall was painted China White.

The doors where painted Graphite, both colors with Benjamin Moore.

The key is to keep the old vibe, yet give it a more upgraded look.

Above the doors I hammered up old horse shoes from the barn.

It adds character to the new paint. I also added some to frame the vintage horse head on the side wall.

In a ski cabin you need a bench in the mudroom to put on your ski boots and winter shoes.

We found for old bench for $150 in a second hand store.

It had the right size and shape.

The mudroom…

Painted dark teal (Bainbridge Blue by Benjamin Moore) it looks new. It’s  waiting for a gray and red plaid upholstered cushion.

The powder room.

In the the powder room we hung existing cowgirl prints and a small antler mirror.

The kitchen before…

The existing kitchen was all wood.

I love yellow country kitchen cabinets.

So here is what’s going on. It’s Laguna Yellow color by Benjamin Moore.

New hammered iron handles and knobs were added.

Vintage kilim rug from Etsy.

Hammered Iron Knobs

Hammered Iron cup Drawer pulls

The kitchen is waiting for our new Jill Sorensen Lifestyle Nordic Crest Wallpaper.

I haven’t decided on what color yet as they all will look good.

So we have decided to wait for the plaid sectional to arrive.

In the corner of the kitchen we added a western style counter stool

Penwell counter stool

Living room before…

The living room is white and wood with lots of wood windows.

Here is what’s happening now….

Land of Liberty by Benjamin Moore. A super soothing green.

The dining alcove got a white faux antler chandelier.

We added red shades to it.

White Birch chandelier

The second floor…

This was a crammed in music studio leading up to the sleeping loft.

It’s getting another green makeover and will become a library sitting room.

Court Yard Green by Benjamin Moore is on the cabinetry.

The old wood stair case I selected a Graphite by Benjamin Moore again to make it look like iron.

The vintage cowboy chair we found will go up here.  It will get cushions in this fun marigold and black plaid fabric.

Last day there I found these vintage pieces.

The horns will go above the built in mirror in the new library.

The gold wall sconce will go in the little foyer.

The bathroom before….

The bathroom was filled with only brown paneling. Ultimate;y this will get white walls, but for now I selected a blue to match the tile in the shower and above the sinks.

All new iron hammered knobs as well.

One of the colorful Swedish vintage runners found a perfect home here.

Swedish Vintage runners

There are a million more things but it will wait until I make it back out there.

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3 thoughts on “Progress Pictures from the Cabin Makeover

  1. This looks great Jill! Congratulations! Love all the pops of colour to bring new life to your ski chalet!! I’d go with either your patterned wall paper in black and white (to set off the knobs, appliances and stools nicely) or the green to bring in the colour from the adjacent dining/living room in your yellow kitchen.

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