Vintage Hunting for an Idaho Cabin

I’ve started a little fun makeover of an Idaho cabin from the 1800’s.

It belongs to my fiance and his family along with a few other rustic cabins. It’s incredibly charming and quaint but needs better space planning and several layers of coziness and color.  The rooms are dark and need to be brightened as well. To kick start the project (with just some drawn out plans in hand) we went vintage and second hand shopping in Idaho.

The goal for this is to use and redoas many vintage items as possible to spare the environment.

This is the cabin with it’s quirky tower.

We drove around to the small towns around Sun Valley.



First up a dresser for the foyer that will be painted.

This one was sturdy and with great details. The foyer is now a hallway with food shelves which I will remove and instead create a small foyer area.

I’m in love with this antique horse head we scooped up!

It will add some character to the entry.

This we didn’t buy… but a great look  and colors for design inspiration.

Amazing that we once drove in these things…

This was a cheap bench that we bought to go in an exterior foyer that ties two cabins together.

This too needs to be painted.

Drawing color inspiration from the beautiful wildflowers in the mountains.

This dresser was super cheap but bought for it’s shape and hardware. It also was a plus that it’s light as it will go up a narrow staircase….This of course will also receive new colors.

This beautiful chair that came with an ottoman will get new upholstery.

Again more wildflower color scheme inspiration…

This is the small entry hall which will be painted and get diverse horse and cowboy items.

Best deal yet!

This antler chandelier from a second hand store was broken so we got it for free. It will be glued and get shades and I might even paint it white.


A few of the new items. Food storage shelving removed.

This will be a great spot for what will be a red and black dresser and a huge antler mirror.

In the yard is this barn…

…which will  be turned into a music studio.

Next update on this cabin, I’ll share the interiors and some inspiration.

You can also follow along on @jillsorensenlifestyle on instagram.

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2 thoughts on “Vintage Hunting for an Idaho Cabin

  1. How exciting: cabins in Idaho's Sun Valley! It's a wonderful corner of the world, and that cabin looks like fun. I look forward to progress reports.

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