One Room Challenge – Week # 5

Today is Week #5 of the One Room Challenge, the last week to get my room completed before the final reveal on Wednesday.

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Knowing I only had a few days left to complete this makeover but buried with other redesigns and some shoots we were rushing to complete, it was stressful knowing that the vintage finds were sitting there in the barn, waiting to be painted.  Finally my great assistant and also photographer Mehreen decided to go out there and tackle the furniture painting that needed to be done.

Now painting in a barn might sound quaint, however not when there is a local mosquito invasion…


I picked out a super warm gold mustard paint color in the local paint store, to go on the new coffee table I had just found.

I want the center of the room to look like a big golden sun.

Screen shot 2014-07-28 at 9.22.19 PM

The barn had been partially cleared out for a dining table that we built.


It’s the new perfect spot for a party.


I had found a great bamboo style coffee table with a glass top and a shelf at one of the recycling centers.

I thought that the golden mustard in the middle of the room would be the spice the room needed.




Mehreen had already painted the base layer, and was adding the bold yellow, when I came out to help.

Having experience with mosquito invasions in this part of the country, I suggested she cover up.


But Mehreen loved the never ending sunset and insisted she didn’t need any cover up….


She bravely painted in short sleeve and bare feet.

Although sunny and warm and a like any good Swede who hates mosquitoes, this was my painting gear.


You can’t leave any part of your body exposed to these nasty creatures as the sun starts to go down. Unless you want to become their dinner. I hate them.


The mosquito problem that started a couple of years ago with all the stagnant over flow water and has a been hot topic in town that has now become national.  Thankfully their time is short lived.

I gave up while Mehreen bravely continued!!


To give you any indication to why this was hell, check this out…

My new neighbor let me take a picture of his legs so that I could send it to the local city council. He lives on the edge of the village where it’s very wooded down by the river.


He was NOT happy about all his mosquito bites.

The little town now has permission to spray against them, but they haven’t dared to do it yet.

Instead they have sent in the troops…


2014-06-28 12.46.35 copy

No matter how cute they look right behind the barn and how hard they work stomping potential mosquito breeding ground.

I got bit in any little part that was still exposed, and poor Mehreen got bit all over!


…hey, the table looked smashing in it’s new color!

IMGP0136 copy

That big jolt of yellow is definitely fun.

I will save the rest for the total and complete room reveal next Wednesday.

ORC-Participant Fall 2014


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