Happy Home Tour! Meredith’s Vibrant Retreat


Meredith “Diff” Miller Good

Where do you live?

I live on the Mainline, outside of Philadelphia


My family consists of my husband, my one month old son, my 3 year old dog Dixie (an adopted mutt we rescued 2 years ago from a shelter in South Carolina) and a 15 year old cat Blackie.

What do you do?

I am a Merchandiser for Lilly Pulitzer by day and decorator by night/every other waking moment! There is no down time over here!

Where do you drink your morning coffee?

I drink my morning coffee as I get ready for work usually, but right now I drink it as I finagle something for my one month old!

How does your home make you feel?

My home makes me feel happy and blessed as it is filled with things that remind of family, my favorite places and things. I believe a home is supposed to feel lived in and not a showcase where nothing can be misplaced.

How does your home affect you and your family on a daily basis?

We love being home.

Nothing is better than a Friday night on the couch with wine (or bourbon for my husband).

What’s the first thing people say when they come to your house?

I think people are not quite sure what to say when they enter my house! There is a lot going on in a small space… I consider it a “jewel box” because everywhere you turn there is another treasure.

What part of your home or space makes you the happiest, and why?

My living room makes me the happiest.

It is layered with pieces that have meaning and love.. the rug is from family, the art all has a story, my blue and white jars are collected from various places, etc.

Have you designed a space just for you?

I have an office that is very “me”… green leaf wallpaper and a lot of color! Although I love being in it, it needs some organizational help… which I love… good organization that is.

Can you share 3 quick Design tips how to create a space that makes you happy?

1. Do what you want, not what you think others will like.
2. Everything is changeable – don’t be afraid of trying a bold wallpaper or wall color.
3. Incorporate a memory into your space – it can be innate or created. Whenever you look at it, you will feel happy.

Do you have a Design mantra for your home?

My design mantra is “don’t be afraid to be bold” …

To get more of Meredith’s fun style you can find her here:



Want to create this look in your space?

1. Zebra Palm wallpaper

2  Rope Mirror

3. Jin Dynasty Covered Urn

4. Amour Chandelier

5. Zebra printed cowhide

6. Foo Dog Lamps

7. Auburn Club Chair


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