Ocean Front Apartment Makeover with Curator Paints

One of my favorite things in the world is paint.

With a new coat of paint, you can instantly change your mood, your outlook and even your life.  Colors not only affect how you feel, they even influence physiological reactions. Therefore it’s so important to pick a color that is right just for YOU.  When you start a design project, always ask yourself how you want to feel when you are in the space. Then start the process by selecting a color scheme that will evoke the emotions you want to feel.

When Curator Paints, a new paint company from Ireland, contacted me to collaborate using some of their dreamy colors I immideately thought of this Santa Monica apartment project.

The apartment functions as a part office, part calming sanctuary with a direct view of the Pacific.  I wanted to bring in all the soothing and earthy colors you see right outside the window. The ocean, sky, palm trees, lawns and the miles long sand beach all had to be part of the color scheme.

Nothing is more peaceful than “hint” blue walls, so I selected a color that would catch the shifting color of the sky. SOFT DAY by Curator Paints is the most soothing hue!

I hung an old antique bronze mirror in the corner to pick up the color of the palm tree stems and used a pale grey leather chair that would mimic a grey weather day.

As a center piece we found a 70’s style vintage cabinet with lots of details and painted it the color of the dark ocean.  GLASS HEAD PINS from Curator Paints  is a dreamy deep blue color.

Cabinet before:

A Vintage cabinet is always fun to paint as the result is always drastic. I love extending the lifespan of an old piece knowing that it also helps the environment.

Here are some progress pictures…

Testing some paint samples:

The pale blue color with the view:

First coat of paint!

Some pillow covers from Etsy. The color scheme has an earthy quality.

For the headboard we used the grey MONTEREY HEADBOARD with antique brass nail heads.

The beautiful Susan Lamp in Indigo.

For the bed our new JSL LUX bedding in sand. It’s a bold, modern look.

We also used  TIMELESS bedding in Seagrass which also looks great in the apartment. I always  select two bed sets for any bedroom.  This way you can switch them out whenever you feel like it.

Bubba of course came along for the shoot with Pam and Kaitlyn from Jill Sorensen Lifestyle. As always, he was the perfect model.:)

We we are thrilled with how peaceful and soothing the bedroom looks.

Thank You to to the team at Curator Paints for a fun collaboration.

You can view Curator Paints full color palette  HERE

You can find a retailer who carries them near you HERE

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