Office Makeover – Part 1

This is the first in a two step indoor/outdoor office makeover that’s long overdue.

To increase value on the home we turned the garage in to a guest house with an apartment on the second floor. You can see that TEEN SPACE here.  The downstairs has been turned in to an office space with an outdoor deck and eating area.

When we moved in the space looked like this….

We cleared out the space and added a sliding door from the main house to capture the amazing view early on.

When the second floor had been added we dry walled the space and got a new window and a wider french door.

We put white epoxy on the floor to brighten the space and selected a pale yellow color scheme with black window accents.

Now it’s a bright clean inviting office space.

We connected the house with a small hallway with it’s own entrance.

By the window we have a long desk with a great view out the window.

This is Kaitlyn, my fantastic office manager.

On the side wall we got a vintage sideboard and wicker chairs.

Photo by: Stephanie Sifwert

The work table is from Article, vintage office chairs and an Ikea bookcase.

The entire space has beautiful green views outside.

There is a powder pink Article sofa on the opposing side.

The garage door opens to bring in light from both sides.

The house is on a hill so behind the door is a green hill with trees.  This is Bubba who is in love with the new dog bed from Annie Selke. Although meant for our big dog Lucky he has stolen it from her.

In the corner is a small music studio.

We got these super comfortable chairs from World Market in pale pink.

Lots of feminine pink accessories and green plants.

This pretty dog bed also comes in smaller sizes, see below. It can also be used outdoors.

This is the largest size.

Timaran Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Dog beds.

The back of the room leads into the hallway that connects the house with the guest house.

The 60’s office chairs that set the tone for the space were part of a vintage find from Loveseat, a local auction house.

The entire office space is very bright and light and leads out to a deck with comfortable seating, something I will share in the next blog post.

Outside the office window, I turned the area in to a little gravel garden with a table that can be used dining or working.

Check back next week to see the outdoor space.

To follow more interiors [email protected]


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