The Country Cabin is almost done…

Hope you are doing okay during this crazy time.

It’s been a while since my last post about the makeover of the Idaho cabin.  Dealing with covid has complicated and delayed the completion of the design since it’s not often I’ve been able to drive 13 hours it takes to get there!

The cabin is still missing items and more details need to be done, but are some pictures from the visits…

The little foyer is now bright and cheerful. The painted vintage dresser and a vintage runner makes it a happy welcome. 

The back wall had new wood and didn’t match so we painted it with a layer of weather wash. Now it looks almost identical to the recycled wood on the other walls.

This is what it looked like before.

In the dining room we got an upholstered dining banquette from Crate & Barrel, a wood bench with faux sheepskin and a faux antler chandelier.

The view after some fresh snow this week.

The little foyer got off white paint to break up all the wood. The doors we painted charcoal black. I found old horse shoes from the barn and used them as decorative hangings above them.

In the tiny powder room I hung an antler mirror and all existing cowgirl prints from the cabin.

Pretty fall colors.

For the living room we got a custom plaid sectional and a woven jute and leather rug. The painting we received from a talented artist friend who passed away.

This summer a couple of thousand wild sheep came off he mountain and invaded the ranch.  It was definitely the highlight of 2020!

Hundreds of them ran over the deck!!

The chair and and coffee table are temporary and will be replaced as I’m able to complete it. The dining nook will get two big wing chairs and drapery eventually. I bought this amazing shaped dresser for $ 75 at a local vintage store. It will be painted and go underneath the stair case.

It has a beautiful shape and pretty hardware.

Upstairs there is a small space with closets and built in book cases.  In here I painted all the cabinetry a fern/olive green and added new black iron hardware for a fresh look.   We bought a vintage cowboy chair and upholstered it in a bold marigold and black plaid.

There is a skinny spiral stair case up to the bedroom that received a coat of charcoal black. (More pictures in final post)

The bedroom has not been designed yet. So far I found a vintage dresser and had it painted in  pretty pale blue.

This is what it looked like before.  It’s amazing what a good paint color can do!

This week the cute TEDDY HEADBOARD from Jill Sorensen Lifestyle just arrived and will be installed.


The pretty rug with a sweet country vibe to it is from Annie Selke. 

Short stay then back in LA…

Hope you have a good week!

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