Inside my week

Here’s  peak at a week of design.

You can follow my day to day stuff on  instagram–  JILLHSORENSEN@INSTAGRAM.

Today we were doing this…

Shooting my private label. Finally!

Why is it the second you put a carpet on the floor, a pet needs to come and lie on it right away?

It never fails.

We got some nice pictures done by

Lucky also loves to squeeze out some love from anyone working or visiting here.  My assistant Flavia is getting some forced fur love.

My fun client Jenna came in to the office checking out some colors for her dining room.

Can’t wait to see her house done–

Katie Ridder fabric crush.

A quick trip to…

…NYC was torturous sitting in traffic and thunder storms for seven hours!

So much for the fun idea of driving up.

Dinner at Jennifer Jaunsch cool apartment roof top.

Check out her fun new company (

Kids playing on the roof.  (Don’t worry there are roofs with bars all around below.)

Master bedroom colors for client’s NYC apartment.

That too will be photographed this summer.

And finally…

Getting to focus on my label.

New exciting stuff to share soon.

Hope you’re having a good week!

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