One Room Challenge – Week #2

(Here is WEEK # 1 – in case you missed it)

I spent a lot of time thinking about the TV room wall color without coming to a final conclusion.

Since there are a lot of us who use this house, I suddenly felt concerned that the male part of the family would hate to sit through a movie surrounded by pink. And I pondered new wall colors.

But honestly I got over that pretty quickly.

Pink it will be, even if I get complaints. They’ll get over it.

If I keep it to a coral/pink it’s perhaps more gender neutral. Coral is also one of my mother’s favorite colors. Before we even arrived in Sweden she had lined up a a retired painter Bosse, who could get started within a couple of days of our arrival.

The hunt was on for the right pink tone. I had brought along my coral tropical leaf fabric and felt really inspired by the hue.

Pink color scheme-Jill SorensenLifestyle

Before we left LA for Sweden, Gwyneth Paltrow had her GOOP pop up store at the Brentwood country mart in our LA neighborhood. The pop up store had an irresistible coral wall.

Perhaps you saw it?


Image GOOP popup store.

It looked great with greys. Seriously pink is the new neutral.

I also love English inspired pink country rooms.

61fc4312a7b9ac8542a26cbf18c7849b copy

Image unknown (leave source if you know it-thanks!)

The pink I was after would have to look great with the pumpkin orange and cream carpet that would go on the floor. And the bright and bold orange on the TV cabinet.

I finally picked a Swedish paint color close to this Benjamin Moore color.

Screen shot 2014-10-07 at 5.17.48 PM

Bonfire-Maze cotton carpet// Authentic Pink


We did samples on all the walls and let it dry, then added another another coat to see the real tone.

It was a little stronger than I thought, but decided to go for it.

It would be fun with the painted cabinet that has to stay because of the village effort to paint it.


I was happy to see the old nondescript wall color go away.  It was okay in the summer time, but always felt really cold on a chilly winter night!

2014-07-01 10.34.36 copy 2

Bosse and  his wife who went to work transforming the room to pink.

2014-07-01 10.16.33

Pink was definitely more fun with the white tile fireplace.

2014-07-01 10.20.39 copy

I love this pink!

2014-07-01 10.18.33 copy 2

It’s giving the room a warm, serene quality.


Perfect backdrop for the Bonfire Maze carpet.

2014-07-06 17.53.48

We laid the carpet down to test it.


We have a loooong way to go to make this room over, but I’m excited about the pink.

The shocking thing is every single man who has come in to this room, comments on how much he loves the wall color!

So much for my worrying.

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