Sleep Like YOU

There are so many changes going on around here my head is spinning. You might have noticed no new design personalities have gone on to LiveLikeYou for a few months. That’s because we’re redesigning the site. We want a faster platform and a more simplified approach to finding looks that works for you. I’m sure some of you are business owners yourself, so you know what happens when you start a business — where you started is not always where you end up!  What took me by surprise was the popularity of some of my own designs,  so we are also focusing on expanding those.

I love looking at ways to create bedrooms using the same products but making the different. You can 3-4 of the same items yet have an extremely different look to a room. And you can also just change the wall color and have a completely different look.

Yellow MARK carpet

Black LUCKY bedding

PINK regency pillow

SAFARI headboard (this is not on site yet as we don’t have a real photograph yet)

BLACK studded table

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