Renovating update – 6 weeks to move in?

Hmm….can we move in in 6 weeks?

The house is basically just a shell still. if you have renovated I’m sure you’ve found yourself at this point.

The “behind the scenes” updates have eaten up a bunch of time.  But we are still aiming to push for a March 1 move in date. Even if we have to sleep on the cement floor…


Not really.

Weirdly I’m not stressed, I just need double hours to every 24 hour period.  As far as updates you can see — a new living room has been shaped.

The doors moved four feet to the left.


In the back of the room the wall went up to create the new den/bedroom. This was last week.


Now it’s closed up.


A window has been added overlooking the pool area in the new little den.

Perhaps not the most exciting updates, but it’s about to move a lost faster once the electrical is all done.

On to the kitchen/TV room…


Yep, not much has changed.

The framing is coming up forming the new TV room.

KItche barndoorarea

Seen from the kitchen.

tv room from inside

This is the view in to the kitchen from the new TV room

I have fallen in love with the open vibe so much that half way through framing for double doors from the TV room to kitchen, I decided to use barn doors instead like this…


Image via House Beautiful

Like this…


(image source unknown)

I just got back from Vegas Trade show stressed to the max having to work nights to get things sorted out and get up to speed on ordering faucets etc.

I was incredibly grateful when my dear friend Barbie showed me a hike 2 minutes from our new place that makes your heart sing.

photo 2(4)

Up in these beautiful mountains, you can see all the way to the ocean, to downtown LA, and all the way to the snow capped Sierra mountains.

This will be my new dog hike.

Can’t wait.






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