Client Dining Room – BEFORE/AFTER

Hope you had a good weekend!

I’m off to go to NYC and DC tomorrow for Knock Out Abuse 20th anniversary and to shoot some more projects I’ve designed.

So I thought I would share a pretty drastic dining room makeover.  This fun Maryland client wanted a relaxed, elegant Santa Barbara look with classic elements but with a modern twist. She wanted some “Tory Burch” influence and pops of color to make it feel updated and young. Her husband wanted a big classic dining table and both wanted a space perfect for big family gatherings that was kid friendly.

We started out with this…

…a big room with a dark built in cabinet. (Yes that’s me taking a before pic…)

The room had a lot of space, it just had to be used.

After her initial thoughts about chinoserie wallpaper, we settled on this color scheme and some cool hardware for the big cabinet.

So the room went from this:

To this:

All pictures by Stacy Goldberg. (

The big dark cabinet is now lime green high gloss with new hardware. That and the lavender curtains and a chic bohemian patterned wallpaper spice up the relaxed Santa Barbara vibe.

We hung her existing wall sconces on top  of the mirror.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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14 thoughts on “Client Dining Room – BEFORE/AFTER

  1. Wow! Okay, so…I just woke up my baby because I couldn't help let out a loud, "Oh my God" while scrolling through. Such a transformation! You breathed so much life into a once very blah space. Love all the choices you made!! Well done!

  2. Wow vad läckert !
    Du lockar verkligen med färger och inspirerar till förändring – jag plockar in mer och mer färg i mitt hem även om det går så sakta men jag blir så glad av alla härliga färger !
    Vilken resa ni gjort med flytten till LA – önskar er all LYCKA TILL !

    Agneta i Karlstad

  3. I can't believe the transformation with the same layout! When I saw the color scheme photo, I was like" oh no these colors will look silly". Then I was like "WOW, l want the same!" . Beautiful in every way.

  4. This is such an amazing makeover, I love every single bit of it. It has become a great place for having a cup of tea, getting back to work refreshed. I would like to ask what was done to the cabinet – was it painted or was it covered with some kind of "make up"?

    Excellent work once again.

    Best regards,

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