Great Color MIX – Pale Pink & Chartreuse

What is the first design element you see when you enter a room?

The first thing I notice is the mix of colors. Then I see the rest.  So of course when I design a room I always start our deciding on a color scheme. That becomes the backbone and inspiration to everything else.  So I’m excited to share more color mixes I love.  If you have two great colors to anchor your design plan you can go anywhere from there.

Pale pink and chartreuse is a stunning building block that you can add pretty much any other color to and still make it work.

Paint the walls pale pink, add a pink sofa and chartreuse carpet. Black and white accents with wood. Perfect.

Pale pink walls, chartreuse sofa and floral chartreuse upholstery. Add dark green. Romantic.

Pale pink walls, sofa with chartreuse carpet and pillows. Add lucite and white marble with distressed wood.

Walls in the palest pale pink.gray hue, bold chartreuse chairs, then add hot pink, aqua and black and white.


Or the simplest way…add a pair or pink and chartreuse pillows to a white couch, paint the walls pale pink

Definitely a color combo I’ll be using when we find a new home.

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5 thoughts on “Great Color MIX – Pale Pink & Chartreuse

  1. I love this because it's not overly feminine and I think my husband might even like it. PS, this is my first time commenting, but I've admired your work for quite some time now.

  2. Hi Jill, It's great to be able to see your blog again, wow, lovely as always & fun catching on your post's this evening! It's like curling up w/ the best magazine, my dog & a hot cup of choclate (snow's coming this evening :-). I could see you in the Pink Gorgian House standing in the doorway. I'm going to send an email now- but wanted to say that Live Like You- is truly Living Like You & such a reflection of the girl w/ the great taste that I know:-) proud of you! Love & Light, Julie

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