Treasure hunting – Swedish style

I’m a HUGE supporter of recycling and reinventing furniture. I think the most impressive, effective, green store I’ve ever been to, is the giant warehouse in my hometown, called SOLARETUREN.  Local citizens dump all kinds of unwanted items here. Furniture, clothes, sports equipment, toys, everything down to that old broken microwave oven you were about to throw in the trash – really ANYTHING!!  Once items arrive, everything is restored and fixed by a team of handy workers, and put up for sale. Nothing goes to waste!   And the best part….armed with some imagination, paint and fabrics- you can furnish an entire apartment fabulously for less than $ 1000.

To visit here is a win-win situation. You score great items at unbeatable prices, support recycling and help offer job opportunities. The store hires employees who’ve been hard to place elsewhere.  In short- totally guilt free shopping. I of course have never left here without the car filled to the brim with items!

There’s nothing fancy or pretty about it. But all areas are sorted nicely.

Here, my mom is checking out the chair section. You have to sift through a lot of stuff!

The largest room in the building is filled to the brim with sofas, book cases, old doors, bathroom sinks…How about that sofa and chair? Some new fabric and you’re set.

There’s coffee tables, dining tables….some awful, some surprisingly nice.

…chest of drawers stacked and stacked.

I don’t think there’s anyone in my family and circle of friends in town who has not shopped here. There are other smaller stores like this one i town as well.  The days they are open there a long lines. People stop in the cafe and have coffee, cinnamon rolls…it’s basically an event.

This is the lamp and lampshade area. Everything gets fixed.  Tablecloths, sheets…

An endless china section.

Sports equipment…

This summer when we visited I settled on a few items that will be redone when I go home next. I picked up this bookcase…

….for the corner of our family room, for about $ 50.

Really liked the doors.  It will look great painted. And was just the right size.

I needed a small, light chest for the guest house sleeping quarters. Bought this for $ 9.

Some retro seventies plates.

A wool carpet for $ 20 with a nice Greek key border.

I wanted to bring it back to the states, but it’s still there laying in the upstairs landing.

Pretty nice for $ 15 i think!

Doing some green shopping yourself, and need ideas how to reinvent a piece?  E-mail me, and I’ll post lots of ideas here on the blog.

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