Inside my week and a Giveaway!

Have you adjusted to fall yet?

September is off to a kick start, with the wrapping up of some projects and the beginning of others. Here are some of the things going on this week. The highlight for me was seeing my first cotton dhurrie in reality!! I had to quickly spread it out in my living room. Even though the colors are not meant for in there, I was in love!!

This is The MARK – Yellow & Grey.

So excited to see it. An editor told me “you really like those squares don’t you”? I guess I do? Never really thought about it before, but there are a lot of edges to my designs.

Trip to NYC for installation. Loved this pretty horse, although it pains me that they are around traffic. I don’t think horses belong there.

Do you?

A couple of items in the design for NYC client on my desk….

In fact loved it so much it’s becoming part of my new blog header that’s debuting in a few days.

Here is its…

The blog and site and my design firm site are all getting a complete makeover this fall.


At a design client pulling together a couple of teen girls rooms.

Love hot pink, and burlap.

A present I bought for Dan arrived. Erica Eriksdotter’s painting of Bubba is insane!!!  Do you have a pet you want painted then call her! She captured not only his spirit and expression every, it looks so real it could almost be a photograph.

She is not good at it, she is INSANELY GREAT at it!! I’M TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY! Hop over and have a look at other amazing paintings

Welcome to Reneliza, my new assistant!!  Lily moved to Baltimore and will handle only graphics for me moving forward. We participated in an event this weekend, supporting the charity my friend started for her brother after a bad accident last year.  “Help Freddie Walk”.  Will write more on that later.

Tasting for Knock Out Abuse event coming up November 1st.

Can you guess the theme?

And last but not least hop over here today. Doing one of our rare KEY Bedding giveaways.

If you like the bedding hop over there and leave a comment. If you share on Facebook, tweet etc. you can leave additional entries. So it’s a good giveaway of you are willing to do a little bit of sharing!!

Good Luck!

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10 thoughts on “Inside my week and a Giveaway!

  1. I agree Jill about the horses, there have been several deaths this year of those poor animals. I support a group which is trying to get them banned, and replaced by vintage autos!

  2. I LOVE the key bedding and would like to be entered into the giveaway!!! I love your blog and all of your beautiful pieces and design ideas. GREAT read!

    Resa Carter
    Columbus, GA

  3. Hi, I just found your website and love your products. I will pass this around to my friends in Naperville Illinois. How do I sign up for your Greek Key Bedding? Let me know. It is a theme that runs through many of my rooms in subtle ways. Love IT !!! Jennifer Scavetta

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