Inside my Week – beautiful Sweden

I hope you had a good holiday, or better yet perhaps you’re still having a good holiday!

I’m in Sweden for a couple of weeks for work and vacation.  I’m shooting my lifestyle label over here (sneak peek of new products at bottom of post) Although working from here is like being on vacation with the crazy pretty surroundings.

Here are some Instagram (yes I admit I’m addicted)  pictures (JILLHSORENSEN@INSTAGRAM)

Not that Sweden needs pretty photo filters!

Fresh picked flowers from the garden.

This wilderness lake is a five minute walk from our house.

It looks almost prettier without an Instagram filter…see below.

Fairytale lake complete with lily pads and swans.

This is the view from our house on a cloudy day.

I do a lot of work staring at this view.

A room by the kitchen.

Our house up the hill by the lake.

Rugged birch trees are everywhere.

Our living room with a tile fireplace.

My brother and Luke caught a giant fish in our lake.

Relaxing on the dock in my clogs!

I love some of the cool zero percent humidity days up here.

Late evenings the fog rolls in on the lake.

The view from my desk at midnight. The sun doesn’t ever really set.

Yep, I love it here.


Sneak peek at my new pastel carpets. A new vibe that I really like.

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7 thoughts on “Inside my Week – beautiful Sweden

  1. How lucky you are to be able to go "home" to Sweden every year. I prefer to keep my travel $ in America but Sweden, Norway and Finland are the one place on earth I would be willing to visit so I always enjoy your posts when you are there. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Anne, if you ever get a chance — visit Scandinavia. Not everyone thinks to go here, but it's so untouched and beautiful and such an incredibly peaceful part of the world. Glad to hear you enjoy posts from here 🙂

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