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This Think Outside the Box post I want to dedicate to fellow bloggers/designers. No matter how many shelter magazines you read you’ll never find the insane creativity that you’ll find in the blog world. The design blogs are full of smashing, imaginative and budget friendly makeovers and designs. It’s some serious Outside the Box thinking!!  I wish these makeovers where in the shelter magazines so more people could see them and be inspired to think differently!  Sometimes all it takes is believing in the POWER IN PAINT!!!


…when you can paint a beautiful trellis pattern on your wall?  Talented and creative blogger and designer Danika at Gorgeous Shiny Things created the most fun and chic room with  some paint.  Check out how do  the trellis hand painted wall! It looks like fancy designer wallpaper.


There’s no point in being afraid of over sized patterns. How about painting just one wall in it?  Again hail to the power of paint. Kristen David as KDF designs really proves the power of paint. She painted this Moroccan pattern on her wall among hundreds of fantastic makeovers.

One wall with a big colorful pattern surely beats a plain beige wall any day.

It looks really fun in close up next to her chic (another great makeover) bedside table.

Talented designer  Emily Clark painted this fun and sweet/bold pattern in her daughter’s bedroom.


…when you can paint one on the floor?  Danika from Gorgeous Shiny Things painted a fancy geometric carpet on her floor.

A floor that once looked like this…

…now looks like this!!


Why not paint yourself your dream headboard?


Danika..again… built a striking sunburst mirror out of left over pieces from her wood fence. This budget DIY sunburst mirror looks like a million bucks!! And she recycled at the same time!!


Have a crush on an expensive items somewhere? Perhaps you can recreate a version of it at home? I love what Maria at John’s Journal did when she found this expensive console at Wisteria…

The price tag was to steep so….

…she built this fantastic replica at home!! This kind if stuff leaves me so impressed!!


Not just because I’m from Sweden and grew up with IKEA before it was cool and arrived over here, am I thrilled with these remarkable IKEA makeovers.  I love IKEA, but I LOVE these reinventions of items millions of people already have. This way you’ll have something orginal!!   I think IKEA should dedicate space on their website to all these amazing redesigns.  Here’s a crazy cool IKEA makeover that I first spied on Hi Sugarplum that Bri from the blog You and Me and a Weiner did.

She took this simple,boring chest of drawers and made it into…

…this insanely glamorous mid century cabinet!!!

That is some serious Outside of the Box thinking!!!


Danika at Gorgeous Shiny Things marbelized the $ 120 Docksta table….

…and make it look like an expensive Saarinen table. You can learn how to do it here.

And Nancy Marcus Design had Dorothy Draper on her mind when she turned…

…this plain Jane vanilla dresser into…

…a super elegant Dorothy Draper chest!!!

Who would ever guess IKEA??

These makeover makes me want to grab some paint, a hammer and nails and go wild!!


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22 thoughts on “Think Outside the Box!

  1. Thanks for pulling together all of these great DIY projects, one is cooler than the next! And I agree, the creativity out there in the blog world is astounding!


  2. Jill, Great post and it goes right along with a post I wrote for today from a little different perspective!! Love all of the examples the Ikea makeover with the Greek key is a favorite and so is Nancy's take on Dorothy Draper!! Love creative minds, they seem to be the Happy People don't they? Happy Monday,KS

  3. Amazing images….love the big bold colors, they are so happy and uplifting!! Wonderful images, looove that turquoise chest and orange, so great looking. Thanks for the great images, made my day!
    Visit me….doing an amazing giveway for a pair of Murano handblown glass lamps! Drawing is on Friday.. <a href="http://” target=”_blank”> <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  4. Jill, holy smokes, thank you so much for including me in this amazing line-up of diy'ers!!! Off to check everyone out. LOVE your blog!!

  5. Hello dearest!!! THANK YOU For coming to wish me a happy anniversary! THE SECRET TO SUCCESS? LAUGHTER….Ruben and I can amuse ourselves with the simplest thing. He still tells me that his favorite part of the day is to come home to me. Likewise…we are brother and sister, husband and wife, pals. It works….he is such a shy guy but when we met, he said he figured he had to make a move on me and that was a HUGE THING FOR HIM! I am glad he did… we are 29 years later.

    THanks for asking!!!! I LOVE YOUR COLORS! Anything with turquoise or pink of ANIMAL print in it is my passion!

    Happy Monday! Anita

  6. Wow! Wow! So i popped my head out of some boxes to stop by and boy was it worth it! Such amazing ideas on a budget and i'll paint anything in a heartbeat too! Super fantastic post! Also, the blogs you mentioned sounds like there is so much creativity oozing from them-must check them out:-). XX

  7. Jill, Jill, Jill! This is why we come to you too – for all the fun inspiration!

    Yes, there are some mega talented people out there. Nancy's bedside table is divine and what a great idea with that Saarinen look-a-like!!!!

    Great post!

    Warm hugs,


  8. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous inspirations … My hubby & I love IKEA and have already reinvented a few of their cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom … lots of great ideas!

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