A CRAZY purple makeover

I know some of you might not like this makeover. And apologies to Arte de Mexico for painting your pretty mirror. But I like to take chances with things, and see if I can re-imagine something in a whole new way.  I think design is more fun when you take risks, even if you’re not always right.  If you’re wrong you’ll have something unusual and  it forces you to come up with more ideas to salvage your crazy idea. And as I’ve said so many times…reinvent what you have! Two years ago I would have thought…

…I was completely NUTS to do what I just did.

I always loved this ornate rustic mirror, but somehow it didn’t feel right with my style anymore…

This is not an antique, or I would not have done this, it’s a reproduction mirror that has a pretty faux finish…..but, well it’s gone now….



It felt too dark and dull by the piano, and too old fashioned with our new aqua walls and more modern living room. As you might remember the big turquoise lamp already got  a makeover. It used to look like….

..this. Now it looks like…

….this. There’s a lot of blue going on, that will have to be broken up and warmed up by other colors.

The mirror got a high gloss finish.

Adding the beige zebra chair helps the color way.  And I’ve customized a lucite bench to go with the piano, which will be the only new thing going in to the room expect a chandelier…

Can’t wait for this one to arrive!! It’s getting a tufted purple velvet seat.  Jenny rendered this image for me so I could show you.

It will replace the boring piano stool.

Our house is definitely taking a very colorful turn…towards…ahh….to…let me think…ah…

the Simpsons????

I have to admit that after a couple of days…

..I’m really in to the crazy purple mirror. At least for now…

Just don’t look in the mirror!!

Have a colorful weekend!

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18 thoughts on “A CRAZY purple makeover

  1. I would have never had the balls to do it but it turned out great! Love how it breaks up all the blue in the room & the zebra chair really helps balance it all out … can't wait to see the finished piano chair, I'm sure it'll look amazing!

  2. Hi Jill – I just discovered you blog! Your makeover is so much fun. The vibrant colors with the zebra fabric is great. I just did a post on "purple" too that I thought you would enjoy. -Melissa

  3. I love that you followed your gut and went for it! It's a gorgeous mirror! I love that shape and the purple looks awesome!! And I love the new shade on the lamp! I have a similar style mirror that's gold (and I don't like gold), so I've been wanting to change the color, but have been dragging my feet. Thanks for the inspiration to just do it!

  4. Hi,

    This is my very first time here and I'm loving your blog and all the beautiful pieces you transform… wow for this mirror! I have one very similar at home and I think I'll try to do something with it. Great idea!

    When I saw your picture I thought to myself how pretty you are, but after reading about you and seeing your blog I saw there's so much more to you. You're very talented and seems to have a deep personality. So, congratulations for doing such a great job here!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  5. I love your style. Your bold choices inspire me to make decisions based on what I like, as opposed to what others may like.

  6. Count me in.
    I just did an old gilt ebay mirror blue, and love it. I got the idea from you, of course!

  7. just discovered your blog through through DC Style and am in LOVE with it! I have a VERY similar mirror from Brazil and we are now into a more modern look so I'm totally painting it a high gloss orange to match my living room colors…I can't stop thinking about this!!! THANKS for the inspiration…you are amazing!

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