10 Things I Love about My Bedroom

I’m so excited to welcome my lovely, talented Swedish blog friend Monika from Splendid Willow today! By inviting us in to her beautiful bedroom she proves that the best design is the one combining physical beauty along with meaningful, personal touches. Monika writes an addictive design blog from Seattle with just the perfect touch of Scandinavian influence.  And you must check out her new online store!!  (Warning…you’ll be unable to resist the turquoise rubber boots) If you’re feeling lucky enter her giveaway here.

Hello, Monika from Splendid Willow here. It is an honor for me to be here today. I adore Jill (and her chic style) and I hope to meet with her in person within not too long. Blog Swedes in the US, need to stick together!
I am not inviting many people into my bedroom – let me make that clear! And I am hoping for a total bedroom makeover down the road (including rustic plank wood floors) but here are 10 things that I am very attached to.
1. My blue chest.
My own little DIY project. I took an old (not great quality) Swedish chest and gave it some much needed love by painting it a high-gloss blue and changing the hardware. My own, personal little piece of heaven.
2. The mirror is a good quality vintage piece that I found at a consignment store for about $30!
I ran out of the store with it! I love the lines.
3. I found these vintage Marching Band Cards from Paris at a flea market.
My husband studied classical music in University and our house is always filled with good music, thanks to him.
4. I like to keep things organized.  But it is mighty hard with a large house, 3 young kids and several animals. The only place where I know I can always keep things neat and organized is in the drawers of my bedside table. I like the feeling of a clutter free zone in the bedroom were a quiet and soothing atmosphere is so important for the soul.
5. I can’t draw to save my life. But now and then I buy a canvas and let my inner artist lose. This is the first time I show my own “life statement painting”. I made it a couple of years ago, right before I entered blog land. I had a need to express how I believe life should be lived (to myself and my family). Not only meaningful words, but words that we really live by.
I painted the entire canvas purple and got to work. I started off in Swedish (translated): “Work hard, be kind & laugh”. I firmly believe that those three actions together, in harmony, is the basis for personal happiness. And that is how I try to approach life every day.
On top of that I used a stencil and wrote another important message — this time in English (we speak both languages at home): “Wake up and make the world go around”. Go out and make a difference. Make life meaningful and you will make yourself meaningful.
The painting did not feel done until I had incorporated the most important dates in my husbands and my lives. The date when we got married and the dates when our three children were born. Far from being a master piece, I have to say that it is very personal to me and it feels good looking at it when I wake up in the morning. We have several “nice” art pieces at our home but this one might be the first one that we hang whenever we move to a new place.
6. This is my view from my bed.
On one side are tall balcony windows. And next to them is this antique, French empire chest. It is a souvenir from my antique dealer days.
7. My father’s desk lamp from the 50′ is placed on top of the empire chest.
I loved him deeply and I wish he could have lived to meet my own beautiful family. I was 14 years old when he passed away.
8. My husband, who is wonderful but not very romantic (!), once presented me with this calligraphy of our favorite song – the jazz tune “In A Sentimental Mood”.
It is a forever piece that I hold very close to my heart. (The lecturn is Italian 1700-hundreds as was given to me as a birthday gift by my husband).
9. I always keep fresh flowers and candles in my bedroom.

10.  A home is only as important as the people in it.
Same goes for our bedroom. My husband and I get constant visits from a child or a four legged friend. And that is by far what I like most about our master bedroom — the love that goes around.
(This picture is framed on my blue chest).
Thank you for having me here today, Jill! I had fun putting this together for you.
Warm hugs to you and all your readers.

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18 thoughts on “10 Things I Love about My Bedroom

  1. that was wonderful, monika. how could we not love the art piece you made? so personal and beautiful. I have always been a fan of your blue-painted chest and now I am smitten with the marching band cards. do I spy a skin tray from zhush? it's on my wish list!

    great, personal post. it's the best kind!

    love, donna

  2. Jill – Nice to meet you. A good friend from Monika here and also a Swede 🙂 I write a food blog – lots of Swedish food and from all over the world. So nice to meet another Swede in this crazy blog world. Great post that you did on Monika.

  3. So clever and inventive! I must know where Monika purchased that lion-head drawer hardware! It's to die for! What a crave-worthy bedroom! Will definitely be checking out Splendid Willow for more inspiration ASAP!

  4. You swedes sure know how to decorate! Love the blue chest, and the painting over the bed is just beautiful, and meaningful. Thanks for sharing. Will have to add Splendid Willow to my list of favs!

  5. Dear Jill,

    Thank you so much for having me as a guest. You are a gem! I am so glad to have met you in blog land! And I need to learn from you to be much more brave with colors! One little chest won't do!

    A mega hug to you.


  6. Hej Monika! Jattekul att fa lasa om dig! Jag ar sjalv Svensk i USA 🙂 Ska folja din blogg nu. Sjalv ar jag konstnarinna pa heltid och bloggar sjalv men mest om konst. Kram!

  7. Well that last sentence and beautiful photo says it all!!! You could have an empty room and it would still be beautiful because it's filled with love! But that being said, I do love both your fabulous chests!!

  8. Such a beautiful family! I really love the blue chest. Such a great color. I also love all your meaningful touches–that's what makes a house a home 😉

  9. I absolutely ADORE Monika and her style is amazing. That blue chest with my beloved lion pulls is just too good and then there's the mirror, and the tray, and the diy artwork (amazing!!!)- just love all of it!! And ps, just saw pictures of your home over at Two Ellie- AMAZING!!! I adore your blue velvet dining chairs like crazy!!

  10. I can never ever tire of seeing Mon's home…its just so gorgeous and inspiring…(its inspiring me to clean my bedside table drawers actually) but seriously, Monika is one of the most talented sweetest ladies around…that painting?LOVE it!

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