Has this house nightmare ever happened to you?

Just as I’m gearing up start next week with the One Room Challenge (the internet makeover sensation where 20 designers and bloggers makeover a space in 6 weeks) another emergency home makeover will be in my future.

You might have seen pictures here on the blog of my old house in Sweden where we spend our summers. Two weeks ago I got a call from my mom that a pipe had burst in the laundry room and water had sprayed for two weeks in our pretty summer home. My heart was broken. Now part of the house has serious water damage and the rest is damaged by steaming water inside and freezing temperatures outside.

This is what I arrived home to…


Even the ceiling on the second floor came down from steam.


However a pretty wood ceiling appeared above it….something will be better afterwards after all.

The kitchen was soaked in water and will be torn out. Hopefully the cabinets will stay.


The water had sprayed from the laundry room behind it.


The wall has a hole in it and the walls here will be.


The guest bedroom ceiling is buckling…


…and all windows have peeled.

I’m sorting this mess out with the insurance agency, have spoken to contractors this week here. Luke and I are staying at my mothers house since the house is unlivable at the moment.

I know a major makeover is in the very near future, because a house with this amazing view even in wet april….


…is worth pouring your time and heart in to.

April 6th will be the first day of the One Room Challenge and you’ll see me way more often on the blog coming up.


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3 thoughts on “Has this house nightmare ever happened to you?

  1. I am an excited newcomer to your blog, came over from The Zhush to see your ORC ~ saw the inspiration pictures and the 1st Palm Springs picture you show is a home I have been in several times. My friend's brother-n-law owns it, they bought it about 15 years ago and restored it back to the original home. Lots of history in that place. Excited to see what you do this year in your ORC ~ nice meeting you!

    1. HI Kathy nice to meet you! Welcome to my blog. That's so incredible, I love that picture! Would love to see pictures of what your friend's brother in law did to it.How cool!

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