From Superbowl to Snowmageddon

Being one of the fortunate few who made it down to Miami leaving the snowstorm of the century in the dust, I felt a little guilty sipping black berry margaritas at Kelly Wearstler’s new masterpiece, the Viceroy.  As my fun Superbowl weekend progressed a dim situation evolved at home. The power went out at 8am Saturday leaving my dog sitter Emilia with no heat, electricity, water and telephone, stuck behind a long driveway with 30 inches of snow on it.  By Sunday morning my entire road had closed down due to fallen power lines and trees.

After watching the first Superbowl without my face buried in a design book (it was fun!) I’m back in the crazy snow land of Virginia. We’ve dug out from underneath the storm, the power is back on, the drive has been plowed.  Diverse snow trucks, backhoes and even a police car answering a 911 call on my road, got stuck in my driveway last night after skidding down the icy, hilly road.  And what do I find out? That another monster storm is arriving!!   I wish I had not felt guilty and stayed at the beautiful Viceroy.


This is the beautiful entry to Club 50 at the Viceroy.



The avant garde spa.


Love the emerald green with black and white!


Picture 4loby

The ultra chic lobby.



This is Club 50 were we went to a Superbowl party. The restaurant is on the 50th floor with a cool pool area.

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2 thoughts on “From Superbowl to Snowmageddon

  1. Jill, I feel your pain! I was in San Juan last weekend, watching the superbowl from a rooftop terrace. When I came home on Monday — I went from wading in the warm water at lunchtime to shoveling out my boxwoods at midnight — ugh!

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