Modern Midsummer Nights Dream

Snowed in again! I live on a windy, hilly road in Virginia and with six inches of snow, and the county saving money and not plowing, I’m trapped. Yesterday I had to park my car a mile away and take a long, chilly, slippery walk home.  Even worse for my friend who was visiting from Chicago (to get out of the cold…)  she had to carry her suitcase a mile through the snow.  I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty tired of freezing all the time.

So I’m day dreaming about some fun places to go this summer.  A trip to  Gorvaln castle half an hour outside Stockholm is on my list.  Now a hotel, it’s the perfect getaway for a weekend, or a cool conference, even the perfect setting for a romantic wedding. The castle’s history dates back to 1490, and with the new renovations, you’ll have a trip rich in history with a large dose of hipness as well.

The owners of the castle decided the look for the hotel should be the opposite of minimalism, a un Swedish over the top rococo style with modern elements.


The Green salon.


The fantastic beds and other furniture pieces are bought at auctions, then refurbished and given their own twist. The 24 bedrooms are in a part of the castle that dates back to the 1750’s.


Old and new. A cool private conference room.


The ball room is often rented for large conferences.


The lobby.


Perfect for a Modern Marie Antoinette!



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13 thoughts on “Modern Midsummer Nights Dream

  1. I just found your blog via your comment on DC by Design and I love it! I will be following all of your adventures. I love that you are a fellow Virginian and design junkie! Stay warm!

  2. I have told several of my single male friends about the upcoming site and they all agree that it is a perfect approach to solving the single man's dilemma to interior decorating.

  3. Gorge! I especially love how all the floors are pickled? white. Is there a special type of wood that they use in Sweden for flooring or do they sand and stain it that color?

  4. Great collection of modern furniture!! I really like each inspiration pretty much. That ball room and conference table both are a excellent furniture decoration. Thanks.

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