Raw Bergmanesque Swedish scraggly beauty

Today is that last official weekday of summer….it feels a bit melancholy. A big part of our summers are spent in Sweden with my family and this brings a whole year in front of us until the next beautiful summer. Instead of posting design pictures I want to share a little outing we did with my mother and older brother Peter. We took a long hike out in the lake archipelago outside my home town Karlstad.  Of course like a bad blogger I forgot my camera so my brother took photos with his old cell phone, which gave the imagery a blurry and even more lonely Bergmanesque feel.

We wandered barefoot out on all the stones in the water. It’s not hard understanding where Swedes fall in love with variations of gray when you look at this.

The water in this lake is so clean you can drink it. I have a picture of my brother drinking it (to Luke’s horror) but it was too blurry to add.

Seeing this landscape you suddenly get an understanding for people’s behavior in Bergman movies…it’s barren but stunning raw lonely beauty.

Stone, gray skies, and water….I of course made Peter take pictures of all the muted colors I saw.

Loved this rock.

Beautiful unusual fall colors combined.

We took a walk to a deserted mansion Peter had heard about. You might remember I wrote about his work saving old homes with historic value. Here is his site OPERATION KARLSTAD.  Sadly someone has left this to just rot….

Old majestic beauty alone in the woods….

Beautiful door still there.

With two large building flanking the overgrown courtyard, you could imagine how grand they lived here once upon a time. But it made it feel even more like a scene from Bergman.

Summer is over and as fall is coming….I’m thinking about this beautiful, cold, raw piece of the world.

Can’t wait until next summer and go back again….



… a big thank you to Susanna Quinn for the nice article on LiveLikeYou in Capitol File!

You can read the ARTICLE HERE on page 102!

And to Thara for having me post/repost about how to design like a Recessionista on Rebel Mom.


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One thought on “Raw Bergmanesque Swedish scraggly beauty

  1. Bergmanesque indeed – and yet beautiful! And that building with the draped fabric looks like it's ready for a movie set. Love your fall color scheme – a lovely unusual mix. And congrats for your article – will have to pop over and see!!

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