Can you sleep well in here?

I’ve been seeing a lot of extremely bold, colorful bedrooms in American and European magazines lately. I used to think a bedroom should have peaceful colors and soothing patterns, to help your body and mind relax. But that belief has been thrown out the window. These images below from Lonny Magazine and various designers really prove that bedrooms can be just as bold as the rest of the house. Forget soothing palettes to go to sleep – bring it all on! I love these bedrooms, but I’m wondering…would you be able you to sleep well in them?

Zebra walls and ceiling anyone? Beautiful bedroom suite from Lonny.

Bright bedside glamour by LA designer Betsy Burnham.

Blue, orange and yellow, it’s got it all.

I love this fun, colorful bedroom. The ceiling wallpaper makes it unusual. Would that help you fall asleep…or would you start fretting about your day?

Design by Lee Kleinhelter from Lonny Magazine. Again bold graphics. Reminds me of the wall paper I had as a kid, except mine was yellow and white horizontal stripes. The pendant is a lamp shade hanging from a vintage chain. Cool idea.

Another pattern on pattern look, image via Lonny Magazine.

We all know Jonathan Adler likes his bedrooms bold.

A rock n’roll Hollywood regency look by Jamie Rummerfield.

Design by Jennifer Dyer. This one is a lot calmer, but still has pops of color and pattern.

Happy and fun for sure…could you sleep peacefully in here? Jonathan Adler meant business when he said ” designs for anti depressive living”. Might be a good way to give up caffeine – you would be “jolted awake”.

Red…hmm…I don’t know if I want red in my bedroom, but this is chic and elegant.

I’m wondering — are there any of these bedrooms you couldn’t sleep in?

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7 thoughts on “Can you sleep well in here?

  1. My brain is already crazy, so I think I will have to pass on these bedrooms. I love them all, but probably for a guest room. I need peace and serenity from my thoughts and strong colors and patterns don't help. The last picture is especially jarring for me, but yet I love it. Great post!

  2. I love looking and admiring all the fun details and pops of color, and would consider any for a guest room. But, for a master…I just don't see reading at night in these spaces!

  3. OK, my inspirations for this posting are: Red beams…they look like they are treated in fabric, probably a baize. If they aren't I am still imagining it could be an intresting treatment for beams…I also like wallpaper on the ceiling. I was trying to talk a client into this recently, but I didn't have a picture available to show her so she passed. Now I have one. Thanks!

  4. The first room would give me nightmares – I would be the zebra that got separated from the pack and became lunch for the lions. That is no way to sleep.

    If I woke up in a panic in the third room I would feel like everything was closing in on me.

    I would have sweet sweet dreams in the second and fourth room.

  5. I can look at the rooms as visual artwork, but to me a bedroom has to be a sanctuary of calm. After a day of stress in the outside world these would not be condusive to "Rest & Recouperation" for me. Thanks for giving us a range of styles and tastes to look at, always interesting.

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