Summer time…

This is the mood I’m in right now….nothing really needs to be said.

Image via House Beautiful.

Image via House Beautiful

Design by Lee Kleinhelter.

Image via Lonny magazine.

Thursday I’m doing our first giveaway. Stay tuned!

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17 thoughts on “Summer time…

  1. I loved that pink bedroom in House Beautiful and the coolest part was that he pieced the entire thing together from torn up scraps…my kinda man. My next bedroom color will most definitely be PINK and I don't care whether my husband will like it or not. Actually, I know he will because I am the boss over here when it comes to decorating ;).
    Thanks for the cheerful images!!!

  2. Surfing? I see two boards, I think. The thing about surfing…sharks. I'm such a baby.

    I'd say you are in the mood to chill cheerfully from these images, no? I'm right there with you!

    1. Yes chilling cheerfully somewhere close to the ocean and going out to surf if I feel like it. I do it despite deep fear of sharks. Just need other shark bait(aka people) in the water.

  3. Yep — pink wallpaper bedroom is my fave too — and on second glance, I noticed that SWEET little trundle next to the big bed/ great pix to wake up to!

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