The story of Grandpa's chair


Anna and Jill, blond, both of undefinable age(!), are seated in an airy, white living room engrossed in what appears to be a discussion about design plans. The room is empty except for a few items. A small Ikea couch, a wood table, some wall sconces, and over in the corner…an old, lonely, worn chair who sadly has seen it’s best days pass. It sits shamefully in it’s faded glory fearing a trip to the landfill.

Anna looks over at Jill shaking her head, laughing sarcastically at the poor chair.

ANNA: The Ikea couch will go in my son’s room. And well that silly old, UGLY chair don’t worry about that, that will definitely go. That used to be my grandpa’s, then my dads, then mine. Now it’s just…TRASH!

Anna’s husband briefly passes by, hoping to avoid getting pulled in to ANY design discussions. But he nods in agreement…that sure is one U-G-L-Y darn chair!! And it needs to GO! Finally it will, if only this place would be finished.

JILL: I like something that has your history and is unique. An I really like the shape of that chair. Why buy a new one if you don’t have to? Let’s give it new life!!

Anna thinks for a moment, then reluctantly agrees…yet quietly intrigued by the idea. But how could an old, crappy chair possibly look nice in her soon to be furnished living room?


Shiny black spray paint.


White geometric fabric $ 11.99 yard.


Five weeks later….

Anna is speaking excitedly on the phone.

ANNA: I love my Grandpa’s chair. It’s so chic! I’m really in to this thing of redoing furniture now. I’m seeing things in a new way. I LOVE IT!

Anna’s husband (who rarely notices any interior details) passes briefly, then suddenly stops and looks down at the chair.

HUSBAND: I love that chair!! Is that new? The fabric is great! Very HERMES! That’s a NICE chair!!

Anna is in shock.

The next day Anna’s dad arrives. He looks around the living room…

DAD: Of everything in this room I like the black chair the best. It’s just the most good looking. Where have you bought that? It reminds me of something…..

Anna smiled wide. So did the chair.

The chair that once lived in this almost empty living room… lives happily ever after in this SOON TO BE FINISHED living room. It proudly sits side by side with new Lee couches. And while the room waits to get completed it knows…

…it fits right in, and can float around gracefully anywhere in the room depending on it’s mood.

And somewhere…there is some extra space in a landfill.



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8 thoughts on “The story of Grandpa's chair

  1. That is one great chair! I love reinventing something, it makes a room much more interesting. I am also loving the wall color in the new improved living room. May I ask what color you used?

  2. What a lovely way to rejuvinate a piece with history behind it. You gave it a whole new life!
    The room looks great as well!

  3. I am the proud owner of that chair, and now I don't want to buy anything new anymore! It looks great. Had two friends over for dinner last night and for the after dinner drink in the living room we fought over it. Thanks Jill!

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