Inside my week of makeovers

Have you ever had a week when everything happens all at once? Coming at you like one big, exploding canon ball? That’s exactly what’s going on right now in my life and work.  The house is still in an urgent makeover state. We’re scrambling to get ready for a magazine shoot on Tuesday, and we’ve been fighting snowstorms and power outages, none of which help speed things up! At the same time my other design magazine obsession contacted me interested in photographing my next project! Very honored..and of course then off to hurry some more!!

All while juggling a few clients and with the launch of LiveLikeYou just a few weeks away!!  And as you can see a few blog makeovers are happening, and still happening. Thank You to my new fantastic creative agency web guru, and social media ninja Soumik Pal at & Sons.

So yesterday amidst all the activity, this is happening in the house…

The foyer is getting some makeovers….Do you see the steps in the mirror?  I had left the previous owner’s Spanish style sponge paint on the staircase, and the opposing wall had been left the pale yellow tone that used to be in the living room. So I had all the walls in the entry painted the existing bold yellow, and the….

…stairs got a mini makeover. The stair case molding got painted with a semi gloss white to give it some definition and contrast. Okay, so nobody might notice it, but to me it’s often the little details that make an all over statement more powerful.

Mike came in from Huntington Electric in Virginia, and took down the existing light fixture.

It was time to hang the red chandelier.

The double height ceiling made it a three man effort!  Kind of crazy I think, to hang a new light fixture, when hanging the fixture cost more than the fixture itself!!  But that’s the problem with a double height ceiling.

Mike measured, and felt strongly that a fixture in a room with double height ceiling should be at the level of the floor above. But we decided to throw out that rule, because I want to see it, not follow rules. We were all happy with the result.

The light fixture looked like this when I found it in the vintage store.  I had it painted in a red high gloss.

Now it looks like this.  It made the foyer feel a lot more fun and  inviting, not so serious.  Wish I had a really smashing after photo, but I couldn’t get it all in one shot. But again the before/afters will be more exciting this way.

Other makeovers are going on….

This was the coffee table I found outside a vintage store in the fall. No one seemed to care about it. I got it for $ 98. I had to buy it, the shape and size was perfect.

I had it painted high gloss black to go with the new living room design.

Haven’t finished the room and styling yet, but the table still holds it own in the living room!

And I like high gloss with natural sisal carpeting.

Then there are those great buys you can’t resist…

I’ve always loved the 80′s knot mirror from Horchow that sells for several hundred dollars. When I found the large $ 79 version from Kirkland’s. I had to pounce!

This fantastic graphic mirror needs to find a home somewhere in my house!

Now, I don’t only do ultra budget items in my designs, but these certainly help a home redesign budget since interiors are NOT an inexpensive ordeal!  And the best home is one put together the same way you put together a great outfit —

—one mixed with high and low, new and vintage!

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6 thoughts on “Inside my week of makeovers

  1. Your foyer is GORGEOUS!!! I'm dying over all of it- love love love what you did with the chandelier and that gold mirror and that pink chair and the console with the marble top and your coffee table- sigh…all STUNNING. I NEED that mirror! xo

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