10 things I LOVE about my bedroom

Perhaps nothing is more personal than our bedrooms. So I’ve convinced friends, bloggers, readers etc. to participate in this series that I’m starting on the blog… I’m just so curious about how people live, and what makes them happy.

I’m kicking it off with sharing 10 things I love about my bedroom in our summer house.

1. The Drastic Before/After

When we bought the house this room was used as a library. All the previously existing windows had been boarded up, and makeshift shelving covered all the walls. The lake view right outside was non existent. But I decided this was the room that would be the perfect for a master bedroom.

This is what that corner looks like today. Image by Jennifer Jaunsch.

We found old windows and put them back in. My dad removed shelving and added wood paneling, and the walls, floor and ceiling were all painted WHITE!!! The interiors are simple and not perfect – but it’s a light airy room that makes me happy!

2. The beautiful view!

This is one of the windows that had been boarded up. I treasure this view every day I’m here.

It always amazes me that someone disliked this view so much they boarded the windows up!!!!! I guess old houses have a lot of history, and a lot of owners…good and bad.

This is 11pm a summer night in June.

3. My antique chair with “Mamma Mia” fabric.

I love this chair with the original Swedish Tenn fabric on it. The seat has a hole in it, but I liked the fabric so much I left it and cover the hole with an Ikea shag.

4. The emptiness and simplicity

My life is so full of activities and things back in the states…so when I come here I like the white emptiness and the complete lack of accessories. It’s a blank canvas that I know will be finished one day…or not.

5. The Anthropologie bed cover.

It reminds me of a summer day, even in the dead of winter.

6. The fireplace

There’s nothing like a good fire and a book in bed when it’s freezing outside…

7. The vintage art

I like picking up art by unknown artists in vintage stores. Perhaps they are dead, perhaps they hoped to make it, perhaps they did. I’m sure they would be happy to know someone appreciates their work.

8. The $ 5 shag.

I bought this large shag carpet at a second hand store as a joke, because it was only five dollars. Then I ended up liking it in here.

9. The sitting room next door

This room was a guest bedroom before. Now it’s used as a dressing room/ office with a pullout Ikea bed for an overnight guest. I like sitting here writing and watching the lake at all hours of the day and night.

Again it’s empty and simple and makes me relax.

10. I can look down in to the garden and talk to friends and family!

This might be my favorite thing. I can look down and see what family, friends and neighbors are doing down at the pool…

It gives me the feeling of being in an old European movie when people spoke to neighbors in the courtyard. For some reason that’s something I’ve always liked.

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5 thoughts on “10 things I LOVE about my bedroom

  1. Lovely views from those windows and such a calming interior….I love the chair with the Swedish fabric!

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