SPICING up our Swedish summer home

Okay…this is a post my mother will probably hate.

Our sweet summer house in Sweden has graciously escaped my need to modernize and colorize. Yet I’m planning now, how to carefully add some splashes of color and modern elements without ruining the quiet country vibe.   The best thing about it there, is the peacefulness, and the Swedish simplicity and I certainly don’t want to take that away.  But when Luke and I are heading there for Easter, I’m bringing a suitcase of stuff, to prepare it for a bunch of shoots. I also have a list of makeovers that I hope to accomplish. It needs just a few touches to make it a bit more visually interesting…(sorry mom.)

This is my all white bedroom with my favorite Swedish Tenn fabric chair….

White painted floor boards, walls and ceiling.

There are funky vintage finds, some are good, some are too shabby chic for me. There are also a few good antiques.

There are floral slip covers in primary colors.

The bed is covered in a sweet floral bed cover from Anthropology, which I love.

Image:Jennifer Jansch

This is from a shoot two years ago. The bedding and pillows will be my first change, Although I’ll still use this as a summer option.

But I’m adding my new Bang Bang bedding in here in RED….to match the shades on the chandelier (not pictured)

Just a  little graphics….

I think it will stand out in all the whiteness.

And make the room a little spicier. At least some element of design.

I’ll get new lamps.

I want to add some of my dusty rose velvet regency pillows, maybe even one chartreuse.

What I really dream of is this gorgeous room designed by Woodson Rummerfield….

But I just wouldn’t do that.


So I will take 10% from this as inspiration.

Once we get home I will think about how, just how I can add some of my colors and graphics to peaceful Swedish country interiors….

..without ruining it.

Hmm….can I?

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3 thoughts on “SPICING up our Swedish summer home

  1. I think it looks perfect and welcoming the way it is but will be anxious to see how you inject your wonderful sense of color in there…keep us posted

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