The Dogs steal the show!!!

Do you share your home with a furry friend?

When photographer Tanya Malott came to shoot for a few stories a couple of weeks ago, it was supposed to be all about design, but soon it became all about dogs! Bubba is a well known lens hog, he squeezes his way in to every picture, literally squeezes in… Tanya brought her beautiful dog Sparky along, and they quickly struck up a friend ship and posed so eloquently in my living room who cared to shoot interiors!

Have to share a few pictures…


Bubba and Sparky found a couple of chairs to hang out in….When they look this good on some chairs…all the rules like dogs can’t go on the furniture where forgotten!

Tanya even managed to get tiny Bubba to look as regal as a Bruce Weber dog picture.

Taking a snooze in front of my green barn door….

A lot of you have mailed me and asked what the paint color in my living room is. Here it is.

WATERFALL BM-2052 from Benjamin Moore.

Bubba in close up. With his under bite he can’t really ever close his mouth!

Not a care in the world…

Would you like  drink Madam?

Dan arrived in the middle of the shoot and Bubba went nuts.

Oh it’s good to be a pint size dog!!

Bubba was rescued from death row two years ago, the day he was going to be euthanized. A wonderful volunteer from Lucky Dog Animal Resuce saved him, and two days later I ran in to them on the street.  I donate 5% of sales of everything in HAPPY HOME on LiveLikeYou to The Humane Society of NY to help animals in need.

Do you have any rescued pets?

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13 thoughts on “The Dogs steal the show!!!

  1. Awww, what a wonderful post. The pups look like old chums.

    We have adopted one shelter dog and two dogs that someone sadly left on the street to fend for themselves. The two dogs were a lab mix and when we found them in our yard, we knew they had been roaming for a while because of their condition. Our shelter dog is of unknown origin but she looks similar to the dog you had in your pic of your son and pup sleeping together. So cute!

  2. In the last 6 years I have rescued 3 dogs. I gave one away, when my apartment division wouldnt allow me to have one, the other was stolen.

    Although he isn't technically a rescue and granted I did kinda rescue him from the puppy mill, Mr. Benjamin has been a great friend to me for the last 2.5 years.

    Now he doesnt do well with strangers…at all. Matter fact this past week when I was being interviewed at the condo, he showed out very badly…sigh.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. We had rescued 6 dogs over time….two of them lived to a ripe old age, and we presently have four. None were from shelters. They just had a way of finding us, and we're so glad they did. They all are very smart, easily trained. The last one was an American Staffordshire , which is often confused with a pit bull. He just appeared one day at our mountain home…we later learned that a dog fighting ring had been broken up and he possibly was abandoned after that. He was young and showed no sign of having fought, no scars, etc., and immediately got along with our other three dogs…It's a shame that bull type dogs have a horrible reputation. Remember "Sparky" from the movies? That's our Rascal's twin.

    Good post and good work with your rescue help., Gayle

    1. So horrible they use dogs for fighting. How wonderful your dog found his way to you!! That's fantastic you've rescued all these dogs.

  4. How absolutely adorable!!!! Magazine worthy!!!! Bubba "picked" the best home!

    And your barn doors too! I have never seen them before. Very nice!

    We have 2 spoiled shelter cats. Love them to pieces!



  5. Have to say, they DO look really good in those chairs! AND OMG…How have I missed the green doors???? I am IN LOVE! I always thought the room could use a little green:) Little did I know that there were THOSE doors:):)

  6. Sparky is also a rescue from a kill shelter, in GA. The dogs get 2 weeks to be chosen, they are looked after by inmates at the adjacent prison, and then 'bye-bye'. It took Alex about 10 seconds to pick Sparky…and name him. We are all grateful we found each other. Or first rescue, a puppy, died in two days from Parvo. Sparky was about a year old when we found him, and he is about 5 now, and a very happy guy.

  7. Love the doggie photo shoot 🙂 Huge kudos to you for donating 5% of your sales to the Humane Society. All of our pets have been rescues – currently, we have a Black Lab from the Humane Society and a Catahoula Leopard Dog from a Catahoula rescue group.

    I'm also loving your purple & lucite bench!

  8. Love the pics!! The doggies are the show pieces!!!
    I also am in love with those chairs!!! Who makes that fabric?? I have been looking online for something like this but saw this and had to ask!!!


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