EPISODE # 2 Move.Like.You – One King's Lane

I promised myself I would do video blogs, and when I see it I regret it because I realize how completely stressed out I am!!  So apologies for my outfit and for rushing through info but it seems with everything on my plate currently, it’s unavoidable.

At least I’m not in sweat pants!

Okay off the vanity stuff…I have an upcoming Tastemaker Sale on One King’s Lane where I will be selling a collection of item’s in my house as well as pieces I love. For two days our garage turned in to a photo studio as super talented photographer Erik Kvalsvik was sent out here to shoot. (Check out his site and books, such beautiful photographs.)

Next week we find out the missing information we need to know where we are moving…..I’ll explain more in the next video. Please keep your fingers crossed it will all work out!!

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3 thoughts on “EPISODE # 2 Move.Like.You – One King's Lane

  1. LOVE THIS!! oh, and please stop complaining – on a bad day you look better than most of us and I thought you were abnormally calm for you in this shoot! hahaha Great job and good luck with the sale!

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