The love of reinventing furniture!

I grew up in a home where we washed plastic bags, conserved energy and any item that had been one thing, got reinvented to something else. I used to be angry and even embarrassed of all this salvaging!  Bed covers  became towels after they broke, or perhaps even curtains, and lots of things were bought second hand.  Items were always reborn some way.  What I didn’t realize then was that my mother was an avid environmentalist way before it was cool!! She did what we all should perhaps do today — curb consumption and do our best to reuse and reinvent. Boy how smart she was!

Inspired by my mother, and looking at the world we live in today…it feels extra important to offer a vintage, or a custom vintage option for most items you can buy in rooms on LiveLikeYou. Perhaps there’s someone out there who wants to decorate their home with a clear conscience, or who will simply just be inspired and go home and reinvent something.

Here are a few recently reinvented items that will go on the site…

This lovely, well constructed but sad looking French chair will be a vintage item in the personality “Glamour Girl”. I had Omar finish it in a high gloss white lacquer furniture paint (you can paint with regular paint at home).

Then I selected a Kelly Wearstler inspired fabric for the upholstery.

When it came back from the upholsterer it looked like this.  We have a two of them, and the hard part will be to let them go!!! Why is it that you always want everything you makeover for the site?

It has black ribbon with nickel nail head detailing. After all it’s going to be sold and it needs to have all the little details “going on”.

It will be the perfect “GREEN” option for the chairs in Glamour Girl Foyer!

A client of mine gave me these chairs below that belonged to her Grandmother in Sweden.  She didn’t like the look of them. Of course I wanted them.

This chair…

Which actually had nice wood, but oh well…Now looks like this…

It got a shiny chrome finish and yellow velvet upholstery. You can still see the old fashioned flower detailing on top but it has a modern look now.

Snappy little chairs. Would look great against a black wall.

They will find a nice home somewhere hopefully.

And this mirror…

…got a quick makeover with high gloss black paint. It’s very heavy and has nice brass details. (check out Luke’s bed before makeover in mirror reflection, and me the professional photographer…)

It know looks pretty expensive with it’s perfect shiny coat of paint. This will be a vintage items in the Glamour Girl Dining room.

I love how items can go from old…to new.  We should all reuse as much as we can!!

Perhaps you’re painting something this spring weekend?


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17 thoughts on “The love of reinventing furniture!

  1. I completely agree!! I love your transformations– you have a great skill at seeing what a piece can be with a little help! Take care, Caroline

  2. Love how your Mom was so ahead of her time! 🙂 It's amazing just how much we learn, then start to practice, just like our parents.
    The chairs and mirror look amazing! Love seeing the impact and the wow when they are done.
    I can't believe your client gave up those chairs (you lucky girl)! They are gorgeous….what beautiful detailing. Have a great weekend. xo

  3. Love love all of these chairs especailly the silver with they yellow velvet, they would definitely look amazing against a black wall or even a cobalt bue, love them! Kathysue

  4. I also grew up reusing stuff and I hated it too, but now I appreciate it 🙂 I love your chair and mirror makeovers! Amazing. I love seeing what people come up with when they re-do old furniture!

  5. Wow sooo impressed! I love how you have so beautifully reinvented all these items. The silver and yellow chair..fabulous! The mirror amazing and the black chair, beautiful! You are unstoppable!

  6. Wonderful makeover of the first image chair indeed!! I truly like the rest of the concepts as well. I think DIY concept can be better than this. Thanks for the pictures.

  7. I just love the way you turned all old furniture's to new furniture. It's amazing. I just noted the important notes and hopefully to make my old furniture new such ways are going to help me a lot. Thanks.

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