The daily multitasking of running a business!

Thank God women can multitask!

On any given day I do a million different things.  It’s everything from big to small.

Getting new tags made for my bedding and pillows, instead of Marmalade tags,  I’m moving to these labels which is just my name.

Trying to match up colors on small labels, takes more time than you would think!

Some Regency Velvet Pillow orders ready to go out. For now they go out from the office, Lily handles shipping and orders. The dining room until we have a big fancy office is our “storage room”.

What use are dining rooms…really?


IN STYLE magazine called and wanted our fancy Square Pagoda lamp in a picture fro their April issue. Yeah.

Then…it arrived…B-R-O-K-E-N.

Happily they could shoot around it. But a million phone calls and shipping form details. YIKES.

Here it is in their offices. It’s a gorgeous lamp. This is what it looks like.

Hope it makes it in the magazine.

While in the midst of photo shoots, I’m also putting together a budget makeover for the Washington Post. An artist will draw from pieces I’ve pulled together. Super budgets are challenging. It has changed a little bit from this so I can share.

Specking some of my own headboards designs for a few clients. This is the JULIETTE HEADBOARD, which can be done in hot pink and purple. Really it can be done in ANY color. This one is for a kid’s room.

Then Monika at Splendid Willow and LiveLikeYou have teamed up again for an ad in House of Fifty

Don’t miss the insider deal.

Of course we are both saying “I think your page looks better than mine.” But seriously hers looks better. I know it.

Check out all the cool Swedish things in her store.

And while I’m on the Swedish thing.

I’m updating the design in our home in Sweden. Getting ready for a shoot there and adding some of my own design in my own home. Of course it needs some pillows & graphic bedding! It’s a bit tricky to plan from so far away.

But I’m really excited about how AWESOME the BANG BANG bedding in the bedroom there.

I get really excited about it. I’m so eager to shoot it so it can sold on LiveLikeYou.

This was just a tiny sliver of tasks going on throughout the day. That is beside design work, meetings, parenting, taking care of a house, pets….oh well the list goes on.  How does yoyr day go?


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2 thoughts on “The daily multitasking of running a business!

  1. A very smart move wih your own label! Your products rock!

    And you are a MEDIA DARLING my friend! Everybody loves Jill (me included)! Go, Jill, Go!!!

    oxox, Mon

    P.S I insist your page looks better. Or how about we both look good – and not the same!

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