Inside a Swedish newspaper shoot

Svenska Dagbladet the Stockholm newspaper is here shooting a story. My talented stylist/journalist friend Jennifer Jansch is in town for two days with photographer Staffan Lowstedt. Let me tell you…it gives a you a really good reason to clean and neaten up your home.

It’s funny how shoots work. Jennifer and I took turns taking Iphone pics. Here is a picture they were shooting of me in my still unfinished office….

Now what am I looking at?

Where is the photographer?

In the closet!

Staffan and Jennifer had to back in to the closet. Here you can also see lots of items moved away to make my desk look clean!!

The famous closet that also moonlights as Luke’s detective agency. Well, that’s a whole other blog post.

Staffan got even more squeezed in at some point.

Jennifer got up at 4am took the train down from New York…

…and without a stitch of makeup looks…gorgeous. You can check out all her amazing styling work here and her amazing apartment in Stockholm that I shared on my blog here.

We used my new King size BANG BANG bedding in the guest room on a queen size bed….

Jennifer is styling. I’m taking Iphone images.

It works even though the zig zag falls further out to the side that it would a King size bed. This bedding will be on the site soon!!!

We got the new Regency Pillows in chartreuse and dusty rose in to the picture.

Of course!

After lunch we moved in to the living room.

Staffan in action!!

At 4pm Luke got home from school. And of course had to be shot in his blue room that he designed.

He said “You shouldn’t take credit for it mom, it’s my design.”

So today when the interview is over Jennifer will interview Luke about his room design.

Thanks for checking in to our photo shoot!

Stay tuned…

….lots of great things coming up…..

Lots of big changes, lots of cools things.

I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

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18 thoughts on “Inside a Swedish newspaper shoot

  1. That is HUUUUUGE!!!!!! Congratulations! I am SOOOOOO proud of you! Go Jill Go!

    Har inte hunnit med bloggen sedan jag kommit hem – men goer nu ett extra ryck – och boerjar haer foerstas!

    Ringer imorgon!



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