NATE BERKUS had me at hello

I was so excited to get call from the producers (who are all awesome) and be invited on the Nate Berkus show last week!  Having been an actor,  it was really fun but also a bit scary to be invited on a TV show, because this time I had to just be…what…MYSELF??!!

But what could be more fun than talk about design right?

And yes, he is very handsome, talented and most importantly very nice!

Just proving my first point!

It was supposed to be a much longer segment, but there were lots of guests, and my segment got cut short in the last minute.  But still, very exciting to be part of the show.  Oh well…that’s show biz!!

Here’s a quick Iphone pic from the green room right before going on….

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22 thoughts on “NATE BERKUS had me at hello

  1. W.T.H. is Happy Chic? An idea of how the kitchen area relates with the adjoining space(s) would be helpful. Seeing your selection of appliances, floor, cabinets and any splash treatment might be useful. Tile?. All that aside I agree with Jeff.

  2. That is so very cool! Like Anita, I don't have cable either…please do post it on youtube for us!
    You are such a talented, generous woman 🙂
    Peace and Love,

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