The Downtown Man's place comes together…

You might remember the bachelor in New York who didn’t know what to do with his temporary rental. Well, that project is finally coming along.  The only clients I’m able to take on for the moment are people willing to let me create a “personality” on LiveLikeYou around them, and he was the perfect candidate.  So the “rental man”, will be dubbed the “DOWNTOWN MAN” on the site, and his pad is just starting to come together.

The cool mid century cabinets have come in, and his cool rock and roll art collection is ready to be hung. The over sized chrome lamps by Candace Olsen rock!

The color/design scheme which was inspired by a peacock and rock’n roll magazines, and then interpreted for a man with a stylish down town vibe is filled with blues, greens and wood tones.

The blue velvet couch which was the first purchase, now is next to an olive green velvet covered mid century shaped chair. We settled on a cool Madeline Weinrib cotton carpet instead of a Moroccan Beni Ouarain antique rug, since this apartment is a rental, and also gets high traffic.

He plays guitar and wears sneakers…all which inspires the interiors.

To save money and solve the design dilemma of annoying condo rules that say you need to paint walls white after you move, we’ve selected only one wall to be painted in the living room. (Who came up with these rules?? We all need some color in our lives!)  The wall with the TV credenza will be a nice blue since it’s facing the windows and gets lots of light.

It will get a shiny Bermuda blue, which picks up the bluish black print in the carpet. The custom vintage dining room set we had redone a while back adds some character.

Remember this makeover post?

The green zig zag seat adds some spice to the corner of the living room.

For underneath we’re ordering this specialty cowhide.

A black and white cowhide splattered with silver paint. Pretty cool I think. Adds soft graphics,  and covers the floor which is not one of my favorites.

Then all the art work has to be hung!!

When you have limited wall space in your home, it’s a great idea is to create an art wall. First lay out all the pieces you have and see what works together…

Start with the largest piece in the middle.

I don’t belong to the group who believe all frames have to be the same color. You can match them via theme, or feel or mix and match as you would like. He had lots of existing art, so for this wall they all had black frames.

After you hang the first large print in the middle – move upward. I think it’s great to let it spread out, and I always love to make the ceiling feel higher.  Particularly in a rental place where the ceiling height is standard.

Here are six photographs on the wall.  This art wall can easily be added to on both sides.

For now it’s left like this. Sometimes I even like the relaxed look of art that’s just leaning.

I added one of the zig zag chairs here to flank the cabinet. I like how fabric softens the look, and also LOVE how the lamps and the fabric play together.

Again, just love those lamps, and they were such a steal!

Next up painting the living room wall, adding a cool mid century chrome coffee table, accessories and this place should be fit for the downtown man. Then of course on to the bedroom, kitchen and bathrooms.

Will bring you along if you don’t mind…as soon as more gets done!

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13 thoughts on “The Downtown Man's place comes together…

  1. Jill I really love the direction this apartment is going. I can't wait to see the wall painted I think that will pull it all together beautifully. Great idea about painting one wall for renters!! Kathysue

  2. My gaze cannot leave that credenza! Do you sell it or was it an ebay or craiglist purchase? Love it! Of course, i adore everything else too. Love the tips about creating an art wall and how to hang pics. Dan must be quite pleased. Now on to the living room…

  3. Wow…beautiful work, darling. I love the colour combination and Im totally over the moon with the frame wall:) So amazing..Also, those lamps are stunning! Have a great Easter weekend

  4. WOW! There is so much I love about this space…the gallery wall, the chevron chairs, the lamps…the list goes on! Visiting from Hi Sugerplum and so glad to have found your blog! 🙂

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