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It amazes me how far ahead magazine editors have to plan. Last July Jennifer Jaunsch came to do a story on my house in Sweden for the magazine Allt om Fritidshus. We had a really fun day taking pictures and sharing design ideas. I’ve shown some of her images here on the blog, but I want to share the article – on newsstands now — a year later!! I can tell you…nothing reveals what needs to be done to your home quicker than looking at pictures of it. I now know what will stay the same, and what needs work!! I know most of you won’t understand a word of what it says…

This magazine is about summer and vacation homes.

Here I’m sitting on the steps of the back entrance of the house. Looking at this picture I see this area needs some sprucing up. Perhaps planters with flowers? Adding an old door from the time period of the house? Remove chrome handle on right left by previous owner? (Take more time to style yourself and not only worry about the house..? )

This is the main entrance. I don’t mind the simplicity in here.

This is what we call our “view room” because behind us is an amazing view of the lake. My plan in here is to add two large shell framed mirrors to reflect the view, so you can enjoy it when you sit at this side of the table.

This is the bedroom in the guest cottage. For fun last summer I put this on Rate my space. Have you ever done that? Do you think it’s fun or annoying?

My design tips printed on this page are: 1) Paint floors 2)Paint an old piece of furniture to give it new life 3) Don’t be afraid of picking a bold color….

At least I’m sticking to my tune!!

This is the view from the main house down to guest house and lake. Unfortunately the 70’s bathroom was ruined by a water main leak over the winter, and it has to be completely redone. When my dad arrived to check on the house after an extremely cold week, it had one foot of ice stuck to the walls.

This pool deck was redone this summer. It now has nice stone tiles. Next up is some great pool furniture!

My design tips here are: 1) Mix periods and styles 2)Be aware of where the light is coming from when designing a room. 3) Hurry up slowly – a house should evolve over time so it’s true to you.

Ok, still agree with all that!

But this is my favorite thing!!! They put together a look inspired my my guest house bedroom!!! I LOVE IT!

I think the best lesson when designing your space, is pretty simple. Take some pictures of your home and review carefully! You’ll see things that you’ll never see in real life!!

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15 thoughts on “My summer house in Swedish magazine

  1. Ha, ha, I featured the bedroom in the guest cottage on my blog last week. I love it! It's so simple and harmonious with the surroundings. I just want to read magazines and relax in that room. Such a wonderful vacation home.

  2. Jill, holly cow!!!! How fantastic! What a house! I am floored! It is so lovely and you have such a great eye for design. And for mixing old with new.

    I am so hoping for a second home in Sweden. One of these days.

    Kommer du ursprungligen från Värmland?

    A big hug and congratulations on the lovely feature!


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