My new PINK office…

This has been a long time coming…my home office. Like many moms, I’ve been working from home so I can be here in the afternoons to meet Luke at the school bus, whenever I’m not out in meetings.  With the online store and so much design work being done online these days I spend WAY more time than I would like to at a desk. So…I’m finally converting a guest bedroom in to a PINK office for myself and my company Marmalade Inc. I’ve been working in there for a month or so but haven’t had time to worry about the design. But it’s high time to make it happen, and I thought I would share the process with you.

I’m stealing this room in our house…

I love guests but the truth is most of the time this room has been empty, and what use is an empty space in your home?


This is my quick mood board design that I put together. The design will be done using items I already have,  plus some new paint, wallpaper and fabrics!!

I’m also upholstering a big office chair in these IKATS.

And the walls will be…

Here is Jose in full force helping me make it PINK!

The bedroom already has a gold flea market chandelier. I’m using a West Elm dining table for a desk, which will get  a makeover, will share that later.

This is a vintage cabinet that I redid last year and a vintage lamp, these will stay.

On top of the wall to wall sisal in the room I’m adding a salt and pepper cowhide.(LiveLikeYou)

And I’ll finally have a perfect spot for my Kirkland’s mirror steal from a few months back.

I’ll share more with you as this comes along.  For few days things will be a bit messy.

Do you have a home office?

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17 thoughts on “My new PINK office…

  1. Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while and have always been too shy to comment, but I just have to say that I'm in the process of downsizing my interior design business and am working on putting together a home office– and I'll be definitely be following your progress for inspiration as I'm in complete awe of your style and use of color.

    Looking forward to see where you'll go with this room!

  2. Jillson, it is going to look AMAZING!!! The perfect color palette! (And furnishings). Can wait for the big reveal.

    But the question is where will you put me when I visit? In the garage???! (:

    Hugs to you,

    Hur i helskotta sabbade du ryggen? Aer du ok?

  3. I love the ikat fabrics! Would you mind sharing the pattern names and makers?
    Can't wait to see more. Thanks!

  4. my office is partly mine! but I am dreaming of decorating it as if it were all mine!
    LOVE the pink. Your octagonal mirror will look stunning against the pink!!

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