Does your home feel like you?

The article in Svenska Dagbladet came out yesterday.  I added the link here, but I know most of you won’t be able to read it. It talks about my belief that your home affects you deeply —ignoring your home is ignoring yourself. What you surround yourself with, will affect you daily.  If the possessions you choose to surround yourself with indeed are “the outward manifestation of your innermost feelings” like Carl Jung said, then look around you.  Does your home feel like you?

Photographer Staffan Lowstedt from Svenska Dagsbladet took some really colorful pictures of our house, and I guess looking at them, our home feels true to the place we are at in life right now and how I feel right now.  We’ve lived through a lot lately.  I want to be fearless, care free and happy, and I’m hoping our home can help!

All images from Svenska Dagbladet by Staffan Lowstedt

This living room was pale yellow, no style, no direction. After painting it turquoise, and adding modern upholstery to some pieces, and wallpapering the hallway in black and white. It simply felt more like me, or the state of life we are in. We are all also huge animal lovers, so I love all kinds of animal accessories.

Tiny, but mighty Bubba is peaking out, never missing a photo op. Ever.

The title from the magazine says “daring color choices and classic black and white.”

Below is the “new” cover picture I got the magazine to change out last minute…..

Staffan the photographer had a really pretty picture of the fun purple mirror, and turquoise lamp. But with a very tired looking me in seated in front. Being the “old” ex-model that I am, I panicked and begged them to change the picture to something that I didn’t look so exhausted in!

SO Thank You for changing it Staffan and Stina!!!  Anyway this is a picture looking from the kitchen in to our living room with big sliding barn doors.

Staffan shot Luke’s chair in the Chanel hallway. Looks cool.

I’m wondering what feels like me in it?

Hmm….classic and old fashioned, yet a strong need not to fit in, and a love of things that are different? Perhaps you should go around your home and see what part of yourself you see in what you design. You’ll probably see a lot.

A room without color is like a room without life.  I can love a neutral space and enjoy it, but the color makes me happy.

We styled the aqua guest bedroom with my new BANG BANG bedding, even though this is a king size bed spread on a queen bed so it’s a bit big. This duvet is going to my bedroom in Sweden. I’m adding the PINK LUCKY duvet in here. But it looks really fun in this picture!

My yet unfinished office…waiting for lamps shades, and hanging the curtain, and upholstering the new big office chair.

And it needs to be organized!  But I have to admit every time I step in here, I feel a wave of fresh creative energy.

It’s playful, and not too serious, and has unusual color mixes.

And what woman doesn’t love pink?

Here is the living room, seen from kitchen.

And here is some closeups from the actual paper magazine.

What do you do when two large rooms in two different colors connect?

Probably not this.  It’s probably a no-no in all decorating books. But I just created a line. Really why not?

All in all, this house feels like right….

,,,for right now.

Change is eternal in life. And the same goes for the space you live in.

When we move, which we will be in the not to distant future. I have no idea what our home will look like, or what the design will be. In fact I don’t even know where either…

I just know one thing. I will be different again.

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17 thoughts on “Does your home feel like you?

  1. I think the line works because it's connecting a loft-like room. Even still, it's your home and you can do anything you want with it! Such great words about cultivating a life through your space.

  2. Congratulations on such a big mention in Sweden! All the photos look really lovely! So happy you promote what you believe in and spreading the idea of living like YOU! I'm constantly inspired by you and your wonderful ideas!

  3. Hi Jill! People can follow your link to the Swedish newspaper article. Then, in a new tab, people OPEN up a link to:
    Step 3: Highlight the text from Swedish article, cntrl -c
    Step 4: Cntrl -V (paste article into google translate in the left hand box
    Step 5: Choose Swedish as the language at the top, and then voila…
    Step 6, like magic, the English text appears on the right. It's a great article!

  4. Hej,

    Jag visste inte att Live. Like. You. fanns förrän i helgen. Helgens höjdpunkt är lördagsmorgon, frukost och SvD Magsinet. Nu fick jag extra bonus en färgstark skön artikel om ett nytt cyberparadis.

    Tack för härlig inspiration.

  5. JILL! I have had an all white, white, white house for many years. I proclaimed my desire to add color and my gal pal sent me your link! I am in Heaven- what a gorgeous home you have!
    Thanks so much for the inspiration!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  6. So proud of you!!! You are insanely talented! And you look stunning. Good thing we live on different coasts,. Hanging out with you would make me look like a gray rat! Ha!

    Love to you,


  7. Jag har inte läst artikeln i Svd förrän idag. Mycket vackert och inspirerande. Sund inställning att "shoppa" hemma innan man köper nytt…

    Tack för inspirationen

  8. Found you through House of Turquoise today. Your decor is soooo inspirational! I checked your paint colors post, but didn't find your office pink listed. Would you share?? Thank you!

    1. Hi Kimberly,Thanks for visiting! The office color is Benjamin Moore Cat's Meow. Love it!Thanks,Jill

  9. Browsing for the perfect green for a coffee table I'm painting – do you have the paint source for your lovely barn doors? Thank you!

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