Today's TOP TEN thank you list!

I hope you’re having a nice Thanksgiving somewhere with family and friends. This is the time of year to focus on giving thanks, something I want to make a habit to do more often. This has to perhaps become a blog series as gratitude is one of the most important things for having a happy life.

So here’s my “top ten” list!

1. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WONDERFUL BLOG READERS! Your comments and e-mails are a gift to receive everyday. I’m grateful for everyone of you. I never knew I would meet so many truly amazing and talented people online!!

2. THANK YOU to my wonderful “big” boy Luke for handling the last two difficult years with such grace,humor and empathy!

3. THANK YOU TO DAN for putting up with the craziness surrounding my life, and commuting from New York to be with us every weekend!

4. THANK YOU to my UGG boots that I live in every morning. HA!!  I have now forgotten I used to think they were really tacky and reminded me of Pamela Anderson. Really everyone should run out and buy a pair!

5. THANK YOU to Bubba for making us laugh out loud every day thinking he’s the TINY boss over all of us.

6. THANK YOU for Sweden with all it’s innocence. Just knowing it exists warms my heart.

7. THANK YOU TO MY AMAZING FAMILY! You are the best people in the world!

8. And THANK YOU TO MY DAD for calling us on Skype everyday! And thank you to Skype for helping families living far apart be closer.

9. THANK YOU TO TH BEST CHIROPRACTOR COUPLE IN AMERICA!! You got me through this week and so many other times!! Christina and Dave Collins from Old Dominion Chiropractic have been my lifesavers. Any of you who work at a desk and have any kind of back or neck issues and if you are in the DC area —WRITE THIS NUMBER DOWN!  703-760-7606. It’s the best number to have on hand. Seriously.


10. And last….THANK YOU for the ability to still have fun and find humor in most things–good or bad! Life is short!

Hope you have a continued happy thanks giving weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Today's TOP TEN thank you list!

  1. Jill, thank you for putting out one of the best blogs I look forward to reading whenever it pops in my box. Your sunny personality is such a great way to begin my days. Blessings to you and yours.

  2. This is a great thank you list Jill! Love it. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend.

    And PS. I adore the peek at what you are doing in your pink office, it is going to be amazing and I can't wait to see more!
    Nancy xo

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