Master bathroom progress…

Things are moving at a snails pace here. While I’m waiting for a bunch of private label wallpaper samples that will set the tone for the design direction only renovation details can be done.

Here’s a quick look at the last few months transformation of the master bathroom.

This is how it looked three months ago…

number 1

Two months ago…

Number 2

Three weeks ago….

photo 2(8)

One week ago…


The lovely quartzite stone is in…


The square gold cabinet fixtures.

The recess fixtures that we actually spray painted because I couldn’t find them in the right finish.


The Kohler vibrant gold fixtures.


A few days ago the glass shower door was installed with the pretty gold handles.


And the black and white shower floor.

But we are still waiting for the shower heads…

I love all the crisp, clean details as a simple backdrop to the rest of the interiors.



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