The living room couches arrived!

It’s always incredibly exciting when you see this at your front door…


Two men carrying a piece of furniture in to your house.  In this case two lemon grass velvet mid century couches from Clad Home arrived.

(This is a picture they sent me from the shop last night…)


It’s especially exciting when you have not had any living room furniture for nine months and when you are having a party this evening and you were concerned where people would sit.


Here they are in the empty living room. Still no carpet, curtains, coffee table, light fixture, but since we’re having a party tonight we have to use what we have.


The swimming pool right outside definitely cheers it up!

Here is the room from the other direction. This was originally three rooms when we bought the house.

I need a big fiddle leaf fig plant in the corner, Katherine Rally draperies, blue chairs, lamps and I can’t wait for the shag I designed in India to arrive. Boy…. the list goes on.

from side

Waiting for the custom velvet was definitely the right choice. It’s such a pretty color and looks great with the swimming pool blue and the blue sky outside.

Just like the picture I took on a walk in Santa Monica last week….


You always find the best inspiration in nature.

Have a great weekend!


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