Our California dream home realized

Have you ever had one of those “aha” moments when you realize what you conjured up in your mind suddenly has become reality?

Three years ago I had this idea that we should move to LA and buy an ugly place and renovate it with loving care turning it in to something special. I had these visions of me sitting outside on some terrace in sunny warm weather in the middle of the winter and look at some pretty view while drinking my morning coffee.

Well, this week while sipping coffee on a gorgeous sunny morning I had that aha moment when I suddenly realized it’s become reality…


This house has been a huge undertaking and sometimes I forget to reflect on how far we’ve come.

But with the rush in activity in 2016 this the ugly duckling is changing in front of our eyes and is slowly becoming our cool California dream pad.


This weekend we threw a dinner party for old friends and nothing else gets you more in gear to get your house done.

I got agave plants and new West Elm pots that are now flanking the blue front door.


(I love all the cool plants you can grow here.)

The living room door out to the pool got another set of agaves.



Teryl  was here again and planted Bougainvillea and Birds of Paradise by the pergola.


Do you remember the incredible bouganvillea I saw when I was out jogging last year and I knew I needed it somewhere in our new house ?

Well here are the two colors, magenta and coral.


Now they just need to grow.

The new green cushions arrived for the terrace furniture arrived and it’s great to see house guests from the east coast thoroughly enjoying the California summer oasis.


The basketball hoop is up and used all day long by my now 6’2(!) son who was two feet shorter when we moved two years ago.



The orange tree filled with oranges while the rest of the country is freezing never ceases to be special to me.

If you are out there considering a change,¬† it’s possible to completely change your life, it really is.



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5 thoughts on “Our California dream home realized

  1. Everything is just so beautiful! It has been so fun following along, watching it all come together. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love this on a bunch of levels:
    1. That you wanted it and worked for it and had the gratitude to realize when it had all come together.
    2. That you are newly loving desert plants. As an Arizona native and resident, there is something spectacular about citrus season.

    Love the dogs by the front door!

  3. This is just too complaisance-grabbing,I maintain bookmark your internet site moreover peek onward to in pursuit of similarly of your charming inform. Similarly, I’ve joint your maze factor in my sociable grids.

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