5 Steps to decorate like YOU


These days we’re bombarded with influences and images. Everywhere we turn there are trends and eye candy blaring at us via social media, internet and television and it’s almost impossible not to feel overwhelmed. There is no faster way to make a mistake with interiors then to start ordering furniture inspired by a recent trend or some pretty pictures you just saw in a catalogue. You’ll fall victim to impulse purchases that will guarantee a space that will not feel like you, and therefore will not make you happy.

Your home should be your greatest ally, a sanctuary from the world around you and a space where YOU take center stage. On a day you feel down, your interiors should pick you up and put you  back in the right place in this world. To decorate like YOU and create a home that will make you happy, you need to first turn the outside world off.

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Before you do anything — turn off the phone and get off social media. Take a walk alone in the woods.  Sit down somewhere with a  pretty view or by a fire. Take a piece of paper and a pen and write down the answers to the following questions.

  • What do you really love?  What inspires you?  What makes you feel  happy?
  • What do you feel represents you (and your family)?   Your history, heritage, your hobbies…anything that comes to mind.
  • How do you want to feel when you are in the room? It can be a different feeling for each room in the house. The more detail the better.
  • How and where would you be living if you could be live anywhere and you had unlimited funds?

Write it all down.


It’s time to ask your friends for help. Take a few pictures of a some rooms in your home the way it looks on  a normal day.  Show them to three friends. Ask your friends to show it to someone who doesn’t know you, and describe the person they think live there.  Does it match who you are?  Does it match what you wrote down on your list?



The best interiors have every aspect of you in them, and that includes your history. Before you buy anything new you should first shop your own home. Grab a pen and paper and the list you wrote down and walk through every room in your home and see what matches your notes. Decide what pieces and items you are going to keep, sell or donate.  Look at every piece and see if you can reinvent it with new fabric or paint, or what night look better in another room. Perhaps that large mirror that’s crowding the bedroom would be a better fit for the foyer? Perhaps that old chair your got from your grandmother could be cool in a spunky fabric in the bedroom? Adding some of your history in your interiors not only helps the budget, it will add character that is uniquely you.  Every day that piece will remind you of something in your life story.

GEO SHAG from Jill Sorensen Lifestyle.


Everything you surround yourself with on your home has an effect on you.  Every color on the wall, or piece of furniture will make you feel a certain way. To find the interiors and style that is the TRUE you, you have to step outside of your comfort zone. It’s time to take chances and do what you haven’t done before. Remember there are no decorating rules. Paint the walls that bold color that terrifies you. If it’s wrong, you can just paint it again. But if it’s right, it might be the thing that will make you happy every day.  A piece of furniture that seems too crazy and you at first hate, can in two weeks time very well become your favorite item. Think outside the box in your approach to everything. Every single part of a room is a chance to create something unique. Walls, ceilings, floors are all places to make a statement.

To decorate like YOU, you need to give yourself the permission to be fearless.


If you need more help. We launched Room-Fix our new digital design service last week that helps you create an interior that truly reflects you.  You can take our quiz and with your info we can create an interior that will reflect and feel like YOU.



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2 thoughts on “5 Steps to decorate like YOU

  1. Så sant så sant! Saknar verkligen din blogg på svenska som du hade för några år sedan! Var så kul att följa husrenoveringen och dina uppdrag, var det i Elle? Önskar fler uppdateringar på fb med bilder på ditt hem. Gärna före och efterbilder ????????

    1. Hej Anna vad kul att du gillade svenska bloggen på Sköna Hem. Du kan följa på instagram @jillsorensen eller @jillsorensenlifestyle och aven @room_fix min nya digitala design service pa instagram. Alla tre har massor med nya bilder pa huset! Kommer skriva mycket mer har nu ocksa.xx

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