Talented, stylish, blogging Swedes!

I want to share some stylish, super talented, blogging Swedish friends with you.   They’re all Swedes who have made the US their home base, and are sharing their lives and talents on a fun blog.

You might already know Monika Claassen from the blog Splendid Willow. She is my newest friend, we have yet to meet in person,(soon I hope!) but have become buddies via our blogs.  You might have seen her stylish home in Rue magazine

Images Rue Magazine

A delicious blend of the best of American and Swedish design with an added cool flair. Monika was recruited to the states to work for a PR firm in LA, but later changed gears and followed her heart into interior design.

She lives with her husband and three kids in Seattle. How cool is the David Hicks wall paper?

Her home is super stylish and her blog is filled with great design ideas, tips and her wise warm, fun self!

She proves that chic relaxed interiors filled antiques and meaningful and personal items makes the best home. And if you wanted some of the best fashion items Scandinavia has to offer check out her online store Splendid Willow Avenue.

These boots are the best rain boots I’ve ever seen!!! EVER! I need to buy these as soon as I return.

Another talented Swede, that I also met via blog land is Erica Eriksdotter. I was looking to find cool new up and coming artists, whose art I could sell in the rooms on LiveLikeYou. Someone sent me an e-mail about Erica’s paintings, and lucky me…she lived five minutes away!

She takes her colorful and inspirational acrylic floral paintings to a few lucky art shows. You can follow her life as an artist on her blog. She recently started painting full time and is following her dream.

This is her beautiful new rose painting. Here are some other original paintings we carry on LiveLikeYouTulip, Lion Sun.

Erica is also the artist who turn my basic renderings on LiveLikeYou into pretty pieces of art by adding her magic water color touch! Check it out here, and here and here.

One of the smartest things she does…

…is making original paintings out of a lucky bride’s bridal bouquet!! Know anyone getting married? Check out how to go about it here.

Now on to one of the most stylish women I know…my dear friend Angelina Jolin. On her fun blog you can follow her to work and on her adventures in New York City and around the world.  She shares all the greatest and latest things in fashion. Angelina started out working as a fashion stylist for ELLE, Vogue, GQ, Maxim and other magazines in Sweden.  Now she is based in New York City and a contributing editor for Swedish ELLE magazine, ELLE Food and Wine, ELLE Décor, ELLE Lyx and CAFÉ magazine.

Needless to say…she is one of the most chic & cool women I know. And of course FUN!

Any fashion spread she has worked on has that unexplainable “thing” that’s so hard to achieve when we get dressed. Whatever she does it has such style!  Even meeting her for coffee she looks effortlessly, casually chic.

Here she is in Capri with her adorable daughter. I hope to share some of her fashion advice her on LiveLikeYou soon!

Hope you all enjoyed meeting these talented blogging Swedes!

P.S. Guest posting for Gabrielle at Savvy Home today. You can check out my coveting list on her blog! I’m really into the Earthy Modern bedroom as you can see. There’s just something I really lately about the mix of driftwood, silver, rustic woods with orange and a plantlike green…

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8 thoughts on “Talented, stylish, blogging Swedes!

  1. Always love getting introduced to new blogs. I love Monika's Splendid Willow…..even though we have never met I can just tell she is full of sweetness!

  2. Beautiful! Thank you so much for including me in your wonderful post and for introducing me to yet another talented swede! I already love Monika but now I look forward to follow Angelina as well! 🙂 Say hi to the mosquitoes and beautiful sunsets for me!

  3. Jill!!! What a surprise! I just stopped by to see what you are up to and to wish you a happy new week and then I see this! YOU are the gem – a wonderful friend and such a creative inspiration to all of us! And yes, we will meet soon! I have talked with Erica thanks to you and Sue (Zhush) and she is also lovely and so creative.

    And I think I have met Angelina a few times! I think, If I am not mistaken, that she knows Marianne Kaplan and Adrienne Florman (she – or does she have a sister?) and that she used to visit the PR agency I was working for in Stockholm regularly! A small world!!!!

    Hugs to you my friend. Step away from the computer and enjoy every second in beautiful Sweden!


    P.S Tusen tack, Jill. Jag blir alldeles generad. (:

    1. Men vilken small world. Angelina har en syster i Stockholm. Ska fraga henne. Vi har jatte kul har hemma i Sverige!

  4. HELLO THERE JILL! I love Swedish décor and FRENCH mixed together. Both has a soft and classic look that never grows old for me! THANK YOU FOR COMING TO VISIT and your kind words are such a wonderful way for me to wrap up a fabulous summer day, in my garden, watercolouring!

    I hope YOU are well and are enjoying a perfect summer!

    Many thanks, Anita

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