Random design things I like

Hello Monday!

Just random design things I like. Good ideas for your home,great colors, or great products.

Or just random.

These are from the internet. If  you know the source or blog that any of these images came from please add.

Okay here’s today’s list…

Like a dark gray wall with bold orange, black and white. In this case, a pair of orange vintage dressers. Perfect!

Interior design: Sarah Tuttle

Like a painted white floor with simple classic pattern, mixed with a navy or very dark wall. Clean and cool.

Like this pretty Ikat carpet from Horizon rugs!! Want it in a room. Great colors.

Like this punchy room, with textured purple walls, cool coffee table, screaming orange and purple.

Like a big great shell mirror…..

Like these chic hand painted animal pillows from John Robshaw.

via Made by Girl blog.

Like this gray room with crazy red stools.

Like a hot pink ceiling! Really works in this room.

Okay things get more random now…

Interior design/image Sarah Tuttle

Like this fluffy cat with an attitude in this charming designed, yet “un” designed bedroom.

Like this sign my friend Hayley posted on Facebook.  I’m working on getting there.

Have a great start to to your week!

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