5 weeks of blog posts lost!!

Last night five weeks of blog posts were suddenly completely gone for no explainable reason!  160 hours of work, images, text and the latest design updates are mysteriously gone and everything reverted back to January 6th on the blog, like some bizarre Groundhog day.

My first Scandinavian inclination was to do this…


How many times in life have you related to this guy?

I worried about whether the blog had been hacked, or if WordPress was having a glitch, and where is all my work, and why does the WordPress help desk take sooo long to respond, and not have answers as this seems to happen to WordPress blogs, who owns WordPress anyway….

But instead of relating to some old Scandinavian angst – I decided there is enough to worry about in life. A blog is a blog, and written words and images are just that, hopefully they were read and viewed and whatever that brought still lives on. And time is better spent with your child than spent fretting over technology — which we all know can drive you crazy!!


So I made some hot chocolate with Luke and tuned in to American Idol instead.  Because after all the “Scream” is better re imagined as a cool interior…

…and Munch’s philosophy is too dark…

Munch: “Without anxiety and illness, I am a ship without a rudder….My sufferings are part of my self and my art. They are indistinguishable from me, and their destruction would destroy my art.”.

….and I’m re imagining the painting…perhaps smiling….

Because after all this is America and here all the movies here have a happy endings. At least my favorite kind.



Having said all that…has something like this ever happened to you?

Do you always back up your files, or your blog?

Ok, I will stop….

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11 thoughts on “5 weeks of blog posts lost!!

  1. Oh jill!!!!!!! I am sure you will figure it out. Help desks…are not always helpful that is for sure….i am hoping for a sunny ending to this. (those are my favorite movies too:) keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  2. I'm so sorry! I have an idea – google search your blog titles and click on cache. You should be able to find the cached version and copy-paste it into new blog posts. I've never had to do this but I think I would try this approach for your most favorite posts.

  3. Jill,
    I would also be so upset! Maybe, Shari @ Little Blue Deer who did my blog makeover can help. She is very tech savvy…not sure if she works in wordpress, but send her an email and maybe she can do a consult?

    1. Thanks Kristen-I'm using dropbox for all my files it's excellent. My hosting company from now all will store all the data!!

  4. Oh my, that has to be so frustrating. They must be out there floating around somewhere. Hoping they reappear, as I love reading your posts.

    ~ elizabeth

  5. Hi my friend, I feel for you. Has never happened to me but I have lost ALL my personal photos on TWO occassions. Everything on the hard drive and no back-up…. Don't even want to think about all those precious baby pictures… I just moved on and try not to look back.

    I use Bluehost and they store all my data. Could WordPress help you out at all?

    Well on a happier note it is Valentines weekend and I am sending you and Luke a big red heart!

    Stor kram i rymden, Mon

  6. Oh no – how awful!! Good idea of A&A to ask Shari. I use wordpress as well but this has never happened to me. I will email you another name of someone. As for Munch – love him and Norway – saw it there years ago.

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