The BLACK ceiling

It’s easy to forget the impact of a black ceiling. And it’s easy not to dare to do it.

You’re always told, raise up the ceiling, give the room “air”, paint it white.  Sure a white ceiling is always nice. However…doesn’t it feel a bit boring to just paint all your ceilings white?

What’s a home that you don’t take risks in?  Yeah that’s right, you have an answer. It’s always good to push yourself outside the comfort zone when designing your space. That’s when the best results for sure come about.

Look at the rooms below, and imagine them with a white ceiling and you get the point.

This room would not have the impact it has without the black ceiling.

Make the walls and ceiling go together in all black.  You surprisingly make a small space bigger by doing that.  You remove angles and hide imperfections. White light fixtures look great breaking up the black, or a strong accent color.

Black ceiling, floor and walls. It doesn’t feel claustrophobic right? Still feels large and “airy” just engufing. Surprise!

Same here. It hides all imperfections.

This room would not have all the drama, if the ceiling was white.

Would you agree?

Do you have a black ceiling in your home?

I don’t…but I will… one day.

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7 thoughts on “The BLACK ceiling

  1. This is perfect timing as I'm getting ready to paint my bathroom and was thinking about black on the ceiling. The walls will be white with black stencil. You may have just convinced me!

  2. Ha! You posted on a pic Facebook about a pink ceiling and I thought about a black ceiling and here you post about it (great minds think alike lol)….would love to have a black ceiling. Actually thinking of painting a wall black, but we rent…so the thought of having to paint it back to white if we ever move just sounds like such a nightmare. Boo!!

    1. HI Iris, I'm in the same boat, moving next year, and a house perhaps won't show well with a black ceiling. It's not for everyone, but a cool design idea!

  3. If Im going to paint my wall and ceiling black then I have to think of it over and over again. It is wonderful looking at the pictures but would it be great for me? LOL! It does give texture but kinda seems dark and I dont have many windows so sunlight cant come in easy.

  4. A risky design choice, if it works and looks fabulous will wow potential buyers not scare them off. Be bold and go for the black ceiling.

  5. Hi
    Could you tell me what colors were used in the first picture? I just painted my ceiling black ( Behr~ Beluga) and am having a hard time finding a nice creamy white as pictured in the first photo! Help!!

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