Just perfect design…

This house has made the rounds recently on many blogs and in Traditional Home but I just HAD to put it on mine. It’s just too pretty not to.  So sorry if you’ve seen it already,  but if you have, you probably won’t mind seeing it again.  I had to check out the designer’s site last night  Massucco Warner Miller and found out it’s a team of three talented, beautiful (are they Charlie’s Angels?) women in San Francisco.  And imagine my surprise to find an ex-model friend of mine I haven’t seen in years as part of the team!  Small world.

The house they designed for a very lucky family in San Francisco is colorful, lively, chic, sophisticated, fun, elegant, traditional and modern all at the same time. I could go on and on…It’s what I would call just perfect design…

Pink velvet chairs with zebra like in my guestroom…of course I love it.

Fun, unusual idea for the foyer.

Bright orange velvet dining chairs in different sizes makes the classic Gracie Home wall paper feel hip and modern.

Okay, no comment…simply perfect.

How perfectly does all that go together?

A corner area in the master bedroom. Carpet, woodwork….perfect.

The famous zebra wallpaper in brown. How does this work with the living room?  Let me think…yeah that’s right. Perfectly!

Kelly Wearstler’s trellis fabric in green on the curtain in the office.

And a beautiful white glass cabinet….Yes perfect.

The to die for boy’s room.  Wish I could convince Luke to like something like this for his room makeover, but he’s sticking to his “flame on walls” theme. Wonder if the little boy sleeping here knows just how great it is?

The lucky little girl’s room.

Close up detail…perfect.  Wonder how many times I can use that word in this post?

A chic corner in the master bedroom.  Hmm what can I call it….I’ve got it – PERFECT!

I’m the pickiest person in the world when it comes to design as any friend or client knows.  But I would happily hand over my keys to this group and just say – SURPRISE ME!

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9 thoughts on “Just perfect design…

  1. Wow. what a fun post! I had not seen this already so I appreciate you sharing it. What a beautiful house! And so much fun!

  2. LOVE the zebra wallpaper! Do you know where it 's from? I also love the master bedroom…actually, I just love the whole house. Thanks for posting, you always get the creative juices going.

  3. Hi Jill,
    Also, love this house…and hopefully a mystery wiil be solved??? I have a picture of this living room from a 2006 BH&G issue and the designer was noted as Kendall Wilkinson…I also saw the recent publication with new drapes, new wall color…and a new designer??? I showed this near identical image in my February 26 post titled "What's Your Color Quota?" in case you are curious!

    Send me an email if you have the scoop! 🙂

    Anyway, do love the rest of the house too…very hip and cheerful!!!


  4. I love the color palette in these photo's. The peachy pink in the bedroom accent is PERFECT! Love it!

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